Der Schlampen-Reflex

Sheldon and Leonard are sitting in the canteen. Sheldon is still feverishly brooding over what Raj and Penny had done in his room. Because it should not have been what it looked like, he then makes wild assumptions about it. Leonard calls his attention to the fact that Penny probably lied about it.

Raj and Howard sit down with them. The situation is tense. Sheldon starts a conversation about a paintball tournament for the faculty, which takes place the following weekend. He would like to set up a chain of command in the group and would like to set how many ranks above the others he should stand. Then Leonard and Howard blurt it out, and they upbraid Raj about his alleged affair with Penny. Raj claims that he and Penny are in love, but the guys don't believe that.

Penny is just pouring herself wine into  a measuring cup, as Amy knocks. Penny blames herself for hurting both Leonard as well as Raj. Amy comforts her with the story of Catherine the Great, who had an affair with a horse.

Bernadette confronts Raj in a rage. Since Howard found out that Raj has written a poem about her, he now believes they had an affair. Bernadette demands an apology from Raj

Penny tells Amy about her childhood in which she showed all the boys her underwear when she was rejected. Amy comforts her with the fact that Penny can not be blamed for her skank reflex. Penny wants to go out with Amy, but when she opens the door, she meets Leonard and Sheldon and changes her mind. She would like to stay a few days with Amy

Leonard shows himself to Sheldon in camouflage for the Paintball tournament. Sheldon is delighted. However, Leonard is not in a good mood and therefore Sheldon has organized a chat with his mother. She would like to help Leonard cope with his problem. Leonard says that he has not come to terms with the affair of Penny and Raj and because of Priya's departure back to India, he is feeling downcast. However, her words are of only little comfort.

Penny and Amy comb their hair and Penny complains about her lack of success as an actress. At that moment Raj, who would like to speak with Penny, knocks. He would like to arrange something with Penny, but when he realizes that Penny is not interested in him, he explains to Penny they did not have sex that night. Penny is relieved. Raj asks her to keep quiet about that. He would rather tell his friends that they decided together to break up.

The boys are in the middle of the Paintball tournament. They discuss their plan However, the boys are not in the mood for the game. Sheldon responds stunned and puts himself unarmed in front of his opponents. He wants to die a hero's death. As he is being bombarded, the guys storm out and take up the fight again. Sheldon is satisfied

In the apartment the guys celebrate their victory together. Penny comes in and wants to apologize. Raj interrupts and declares their affair to be over Penny tells the guys that she wants to return to Nebraska. At that moment, she gets a call that she got a commercial for hemorrhoid cream. Cheerfully she leaves the apartment.

In the final scene they all sit together in the apartment and watch Penny's commercial