roommate-agreementWho doesn't know it? The roomate agreement which was made by Sheldon Cooper and signed by Leonard Hofstadter.

Everything is written down in the roommate agreement to the tiniest detail and covers rules and regulations for the rooming together of both physicists.

Nevertheless, until now just some parts of the roomate agreement between Sheldon and Leonard are known. In order to give you all a small overview of which details of the roommate agreement are currently known, we put in the effort to compile them here.


Article 1:

  • Paragraph 3:
    • Sheldon can call a crisis meeting at any time.

Article 7:

  • Paragraph B:
    • §9: The right of bathroom privacy will be suspended in the event of force majeure.
    • When Sheldon takes a second shower, all measures must be taken to ensure that enough hot water is available.
    • One may only use the shower alone (number of persons 1), unless one is attacked by a water-soluble alien.
    • One needs to wash one's feet before going to the shower. Everyone has their own special bucket for this purpose.

Article 8: Visitors

  • Paragraph C: Females
    • §4: Sexual Intercourse
      • The roomates notify eachother 12 hours in advance of an upcoming sexual intercourse.

Paragraph 9: Miscellaneous

  • The apartment flag is adorned with a standing golden lion, on sky-blue background. It must not hang flying, unless the apartment is in danger.
  • Sollte einer von jemals das Reisen durch die Zeit erfinden, vereinbaren wir als ersten Halt die heutige Zusammenkunft, und zwar in exakt fünf Sekunden

v 74:

  • The various rights and duties of the parties signed below in the case that one of them turns into a robot: one of the two must always help the other.

Further areas not yet addressed:

  • One is considered living with his girlfriend, if one of the following three cases applies, in reference to overnight stays of the female person:
    1. for ten sequential nights
    2. for more than nine nights within a span of three weeks
    3. on every weekend of one month plus three weekdays
  • Should Leonard ever receive superpowers, he must make Sheldon his sidekick.
  • Pets are forbidden with the exception of aid animals, such as cybernetically enhanced monkeys.
  • The roommates agree that Friday nights are reserved for Joss Whedon's brilliant series "Firefly".
  • Leonard may rearrange half of the shared living space by himself, but he must give Sheldon a written notification.
  • It is agreed to refrain from loud laughter, clinking of glasses and joyful gunshots after ten o'clock in the evening.

Gentlemen's Agreement

  • Skynet-Klausel: Leonard muss helfen, eine von Sheldon geschaffene Künstliche Intelligenz zu zerstören, die dabei ist sich die Erde untertan zu machen.
  • Body Snatcher clause: Leonard must help to destroy a person, who can be proved to have been replaced by an alien.
  • Godzilla clause: Leonard must help to stop anyone who is about to destroy Tokyo.

Appendix C: Binding commitments

  • 37. Should one friend be invited to visit the big particle accelerator at CERN, he must ask the other friend to accompany him.