Leichtes Fummeln

The girls are with the boys in the flat and and Penny inquires about Bernadette's search for bridesmaid dresses. But until now this had little success. Amy has a solution: the dresses of her deceased cousin and her family. They all died twelve years ago right before her wedding. Penny and Bernadette are sceptical. Sheldon notes that the quality of the table conversation has greatly decreased, which he blames on Penny. Then the girls go to Penny's to look at bridal magazines.

The next day the boys meet Amy in the cafeteria. Sheldon has several reasonable topics for mealtime conversation. Howard gets pictures of Penny in bridemaid dresses from Bernadette. Amy notes that she would have liked it too.

Leonard plays a horse racing game on the Wii. In the meantime, Sheldon tries to make contact with Amy, but he can not reach her. Leonard suggests that Sheldon go to see her.

Amy plays on her harp and cries. Sheldon hears it through the door and would love to leave again. But Leonard persuades him into talking to her. Amy is depressed, because the two girls have gone shopping without her. She believes that they do not want to do anything together with her. Amy asks Sheldon for physical comfort. But Sheldon tries to negotiate a little less physicality with her. In the end he takes her in his arms and they cuddle on the sofa.

Raj, Leonard and Howard are sitting in the cafeteria again. Sheldon comes in and complains that he had to cuddle with Amy, just because the two girls went shopping without her. Leonard and Howard should speak with Penny and Bernadette.

In conversation both Leonard and Howard learn that Amy is bugging the girls with exaggerated friendship. Therefore they wanted to shop in peace.

Amy is dissecting a brain in the laboratory as the girls come in to apologize. But Amy is offended and will hear nothing of it. As Amy is waving the brain around in front of Penny, while she clarifies her place in the group, Penny has to vomit.

Sheldon is making his Lego Death Star when Amy calls. She is drunk and wants Sheldon to pick her up in front of the liquor store. They arrive and find Amy in the parking lot with a bottle of wine. They drag Amy home.

The next day Amy has a headache. Penny and Bernadette come into the laboratory and ask again for a second chance. Bernadette would like her to be her maid of honour. Amy is moved and reconciles with them both. But immediately she is making excessive plans for the bachelorette party.

The girls go dress shopping again and Amy has a camera with her. They try on different dresses and Amy films everything.