Ein guter Kerl

It's evening and Sheldon is in his office having a try at his calculations. When he leaves the office, the power goes out. Sheldon believes it is a bad Halloween joke. Then he discovers writing in blood on the corridor wall and a skeleton rushes towards him. Sheldon gets scared easily. Howard and Raj appear and accompany him back into the office. When Leonard appears wearing an alien mask, Sheldon faints. To make matters worse, he pees his pants.

In the comic book store, his friends are still making fun of Sheldon. However, he knows how to settle the score. A young woman comes into the store and speaks with Leonard about a comic. They get into a conversation and Leonard relinquishes a comic to her for her number.

On the way home Sheldon challenges Leonard to look in the post box. But nothing happens. As Sheldon checks the box, a whistle goes off. Sheldon has underestimated Leonard, who had already discovered the trick beforehand. Alice from the comic book store is with Leonard in the apartment. The two chat about comics and finally start making out.

The next morning Sheldon sticks a snake in Raj's desk drawer. When he calls on him to get something out of the drawer, Raj discovers the snake. But he reacts differently than Sheldon had hoped.

Leonard calls on Penny to talk with her about the necking with Alice. He has a guilty conscience about Priya.

Meanwhile, Sheldon has mounted a button on his hand that triggers an electric shock with a handshake. He wants to prank Howard with it. Leonard asks him for advice, because he is not sure whether he should meet with Alice. On the one hand, he would like to get involved with Alice, but on the other hand he may not because of Priya. He decides to go to Alice.

Sheldon rings up Howard and wants to persuade him to shake his hand. As it actually happens, Howard faints. Bernadette gets into a panic and demands that Sheldon thrust an adrenaline needle into Howard's heart. As he does this, Howard smiles at him. As Sheldon becomes aware that he was tricked, he grabs onto the button and he himself passes out from the electric shock.

Leonard breaks off in the middle of the kissing. He confesses to Alice that he has a girlfriend. She angrily chucks him out of the room. In the apartment he tells Priya about his necking and learns that Priya had cheated on him with her ex. Leonard is disappointed and breaks off the conversation. At that moment, Shelon springs out from behind the sofa. He has hidden behind the sofa dressed up as a zombie. He thinks that they are even now.