Die Spaßbremse

The clique sits at home as usual with Leonard and Sheldon and eats together. Penny, who comes later, has to sit down on the ground because there is no free chair left. Thereupon Bernadette notes that Leonards and Sheldon's apartment still lacks a large dining table, in which all of them would have room. But Sheldon struggles. He would rather leave everything in the old, although all the others consider the dining table in front of the window to be a good idea. A little later, Sheldon arrives at the otherwise unused place, which is destined for the new table that Leonard wants to buy. Sheldon is still standing crosswise, but Leonard does not want to get involved with the spinneries of his roommate at this moment. Howard gets a call from NASA with Raj, who wants to send him back into space for repair work on his telescope.

Leonard and Penny are in a furniture shop and look for a dining table for the boys' apartment. Penny advises her boyfriend not to be bothered by Sheldon's strange moods and peculiarities. "Sheldon," she said. When Bernadette comes home, Howard wants to bring her the great news. His wife, however, is not thrilled that Howard would once again want to go into space, and he thinks how much he suffered last time. Leonard and Penny have now set up the new table in the boys' apartment. But the furniture can not stand up to Sheldon's test: as expected, he can not stand the table and insists that he disappears again. In addition, Sheldon Penny accuses of having a bad influence on Leonard because she makes him an intolerable roommate.

Penny replies that influence in a relationship is completely normal and that Amy Sheldon has now also significantly changed. Sheldon falls from the eyes like scales. He realizes that Penny is right. The idea that Amy has changed his personality shakes him and Sheldon decides to end with Amy. Penny warns Amy by telephone that Sheldon is on her way to her. Even before Sheldon can quit the relationship with Amy, the latter makes him aware that he has again entered a game of Leonard. Sheldon is the only one who has ever seen her. Sheldon takes Amy home with him, where a new discussion about the dining table between the two and Leonard and Penny has begun.

When Amy asks her friend to join her, he changes his mind within a second and says the table does not matter to him, just not to live with Amy. When Howard comes home, Bernadette and his father and Raj are waiting for him. Also his NASA colleague Michael Massimino is connected to Videochat to discourage Howard from a second trip into the universe. When Howard learns that he has to go through the very hard survival training before the flight into the universe again, he suddenly changed his mind. During his medical examination, he even talks to his mother, which immediately causes his blood pressure to shoot up. With this diagnosis, Howard is no longer suitable as an astronaut. Afterwards the whole clique has gathered again with Leonard and Sheldon.

While Sheldon and Amy are sitting on the couch and are out of the way, the rest has taken their place at the new dining table. Bernadette convinces the others that it makes no sense to sit in two groups. After a few raids, all of them are reuniting with Amy and Sheldon, who is celebrating as a winner.