Sei vorsichtig und ruf an!

The clique has assembled with Leonard and Sheldon. Howard tells his mother that he has a household help after the other. When Raj appears, the group is complete and Leonard and Penny announce the good news that the two have been engaged. The joy of their friends is of course huge. When Raj can still announce to have slept with Emily, they are all out of the way. The next day Rajesh is still in the Unicafeteria with Emily. Sheldon comes to his friends and is kinked. The university has forbidden him to change his study area. Sheldon must continue to explore the theory of stringency. When Sheldon plays the idea of ​​leaving the university, Leonard advises him of ill-considered decisions. Later, another nurse leaves the Wolowitz house and Howard and Bernadette begin to despair.

Leonard skips with his mother to tell her about his engagement with Penny. But Sheldon has already told Beverly Hofstadter everything behind Leonard's back. Penny also calls her mother to tell about the engagement. Bernadette and Amy come to visit them. Bernadette is fixed and ready to take care of Howard's mother, and offers the unemployed Penny to take care of Mrs. Wolowitz for good money. Penny says, but the next day after a few minutes as a nurse the distance again. Leonard would later talk to Sheldon about himself and Penny. He announces to want to get together with his fiance as soon as possible - without Sheldon. Sheldon, of course, does not want to hear this and pulls away angrily. Later, Sheldon complains to Amy about Leonard and the university administration. Amy does not manage to cheer up her boyfriend. When she offers him that Sheldon can contract with her, Sheldon bursts the collar and he cuts off.

Amy tries to go after Sheldon, but loses him. Sheldon has gone to Stuart's comic bookstore and must find that the next nasty surprise awaits him: the store has burned down. Sheldon can not take any notice of the stuart destroyed on the ground at this moment, because his own life is hard for him to make. In the evening, Leonard begins to care for Sheldon and finds the smartphone of his roommate. Apparently, Sheldon stops at the station where Leonard wants to pick him up. Howard and Raj have gone to Stuart to help him. Howard has the idea of ​​placing the now homeless Stuart in his mother's house, and offering him the post as a nurse for his mother, and agrees to Stuart. Sheldon, as he tells Leonard and Penny at the train station, made the decision to take a break and travel with trains across the United States because Pesadena's head fell on his head.

With a heavy heart, Leonard and Penny finally pull their friend. Stuart is thriving in the role of the nurses, and he is well acquainted with Mrs. Volowitz. Stuart says he has found his dream job, and is very grateful to his friends for that. While Leonard and Penny consider Sheldon's trip as a good idea and believe their buddy will grow, Amy gets rid of Leonard and reproaches Leonard for letting her boyfriend go.