The Romance Resonance

Sheldon is deepened in the Cheesecake Factory and shows no interest in his friends, who are all around him. Howard asks the others to help surprise Bernadette on their anniversary of their first date. He plans to write a song for his wife and tells the others about it, while Bernadette goes to the toilet. His friends promise to help Howard. Leonard also wants Penny more romantic gestures and his girlfriend takes this as a challenge.

Sheldon finally has a breakthrough and presents Leonard with pride, even even the most conspicuous results. Howard discusses with Leonard and Raj the musical performance for Bernadette. Leonard is to play the cello and Raj Ukulele. Then Sheldon joins his three friends, who once again congratulate him on his success. A Chinese research team could clearly confirm Sheldon's hypothesis through an experiment. Penny visits Raj to help her plan a romantic night for Leonard and her, but Raj can not make Penny any meaningful suggestions. Sheldon is still in anger because of his success, but he immediately reverses when he discovers that he made a mistake in his calculations, and that the confirmation of his false hypothesis was simply a fortuitous fortune-teller.

Sheldon is bewildered at his mistake. Even Leonard can not change his mind the next day on the way to work. In the cafeteria Raj Howard wants to convince him that his song for Bernadette is still missing a rap passage, which Howard rejects. When Sheldon enters the room, all present Unimitarbeiter applaud him. Sheldon stops this and declares that he does not want to be celebrated for his mistake. As can be seen later, Amy is the only one who can understand this. All have now found themselves in a restaurant to surprise Bernadette, but Howard gets the news that his wife is now in the quarantine area of ​​the hospital after an accident at her work.

The group sets out to visit Bernadette there. Together they also present the song for Bernadette. Bernadette is moved to tears. Afterwards Leonard is dran and Penny goes out after the dinner together their romantic guns. Candles, music, roses and a gift. Unfortunately, Leonard has the book that Penny wants to give him, so the shot goes backwards. But then Penny Leonard shows all the things she got from Leonard, which the physicist finds very romantic. Only for the poor Amy remains a romantic experience. In her imagination, she imagines Sheldon finally wanting to kiss her.