The boys sit in the university cafeteria and talk about news in the string theory. Barry Kripke appears and makes fun of Sheldon as always. He also tells his colleagues that he has changed his field of study because he has not seen any potential in the theory of strings. Sheldon, who has been working in this field for years, is doubtful about himself and his career. He expects to devote his remaining life to a theory that can not be proved at all. After a sleepless night Sheldon talks to Penny about his concerns. The blonde can feel Sheldon's situation well, which the physicist can not quite believe. But Sheldon asks Penny about her advice and she recommends - even if it is difficult - to draw a sideline and re-orientate herself.

Leonard and Howard want to know at lunch in the University of Raj what it is like to go out with two women at the same time. But Raj has already scorned Lucy and dates only Emily, of whom Leonard and Howard believe that she will soon leave Raj. Sheldon emerges and wants to get rid of his Stringtheorie books. He tells his friends that he really wants to turn his back on his research point. Sheldon is very emotional and draws close to tears. Later, Howard and Raj hang together. For the next day they have a doubledate with their girlfriends. Raj demands that Howard should not make him ridiculous. Howard promises to show himself at his best. Sheldon, who has popped up pennies from one of Penny's women's magazines, now wants to get a new look. Penny is supposed to cut his hair.

Instead of the scissors, Penny uses a little styling gel, and Sheldon's new look is really good at Leonard, Penny and himself. Amy, who is just coming in, even finds Sheldon now looking too sweet, and fears that her boyfriend will no longer be able to save him from louder girls. Sheldon agrees and so the subject of new look is checked again. Howard and Bernadette are waiting in a restaurant for Raj and Emily to be their double. When Howard sees Emily, he warns his wife. Apparently, Raj's new girlfriend is no stranger to him and the situation becomes visibly unpleasant to Howard. For Emily, Howard does not appear to be an unknown person, but she can not properly identify where she could know Raj's best mate.

Leonard, Penny and Amy eat dinner while Sheldon goes through his books instead to find a new study area. With indignation, he notes that there is also a geology book on his shelf. When Sheldon does not find anything, Penny again has a good tip for him. She suggests not to be so cramped to go to the search. On the contrary, he should simply leave everything to himself. This is what Sheldon wants to do, and the friends are coming to the decision with wine. Emily can not stop her from asking why she knew Howard until she suddenly comes back to her: Howard had once been at her house in the course of a blind date, doing a big deal in her bathroom. When this had taken a long time due to a food poisoning and Howard had devastated her loo, he was cut off from shame out of the bathroom window.

Howard apologizes to Emily, but the rest of the evening he will not get rid of the embarrassing story and his new nickname Klozilla. The others make fun of him endlessly. Sheldon wakes up the next morning and realizes that he has read the hated geology book at night, because he is lying next to him in bed. Ashamed, he comes into the living room where Leonard is already waiting for him to mock his roommate. When Sheldon pulls his phone to call Amy, he sees that he has called Stephen Hawking several times drunk and left him some mailbox messages. On the next day Howard and Sheldon sit at the university and report each other their embarrassing evenings of the day before. Kripke emerges and knows about everything. Of course, he makes fun of the two of them. In another place, Professor Stephen Hawking's office can still hear the strange news Sheldon has left him.