Das Heirate-mich-Gesicht

The guys and Penny sit together at Leonard and Sheldon to make plans for the forthcoming Star Wars Day (May 4). However, the euphoria of the guys may not quite skip on Penny. Later, Leonard arrives in Sheldon's room and has bad news to his roommate: Arthur Jeffries, aka Professor Proton, has died. Leonard wants to donate comfort to Sheldon, but his best friend reacts rather coolly. Leonard says the funeral is on the Star Wars Day. In Amy's apartment, Sheldon watches Professor Proton's videos and reminisces. Still, he tells Amy that he does not want to go to Arthur's funeral to celebrate the Star Wars Day instead, which Amy can not understand.

A few days later, while Penny and Leonard go to the funeral, Sheldon would like to stay with Howard and Raj at home and watch the Star Wars films. His friends noticed that Sheldon behaved strangely. Penny notes that she is much more familiar with Star Wars than her dear, and then wants to disappear quickly. Bernadette and Amy want to surprise their guys and work in Bernadette's apartment at a death-star cake. Meanwhile, Leonard and Sheldon are at the funeral and the two are muted after crying. Before Sheldon, Howard and Raj take their first DVD, Sheldon retreats to his room. He wants to be alone. In a dream, the dead Arthur appears to Sheldon for his Obi Wan. Sheldon hopes that Arthur will be supported from now on as a mentor. Leonard and Penny talk about life and death.

It is important to Leonard to regret nothing later. Then he comes to speak of Penny's application for marriage. But Penny blocks directly from this point: she claims that Leonard had his marriage-face. But Leonard says that Penny has to make the next request according to the order. In order for Leonard to feel better, Penny actually asks him again the big question, but her lover says nothing and costs the moment. Bernadette and Amy are talking about Arthur's death and why they have become female scientists as their death star cake gradually takes shape. Leonard penned Penny because of her request. Arthur appears Sheldon a second time as a Yedi master in his dream. Sheldon hopes for good advice from Arthur. Sheldon notes that all of his male role models have died, and Arthur is reluctant to be sad and to value his living friends more.

Sheldon wakes up as Leonard enters his room and hugs his roommate surprisingly. The guys decide to join the others and watch Star Wars together. Bernadette and Amy also come to the show and the guys are happy about their great cake. One last time the Yedi-Arthur appears in Sheldon's dream and accuses the dreamer of wasting his precious time with Star Wars. This advice is, however, completely absurd to Sheldon and is not comprehensible.