The Proton Displacement

While Leonard, Sheldon and Amy are shopping, they accidentally discover an old acquaintance: Professor Proton, who once hosted a science broadcast for children on television. Of course the professor remembers Leonard and Sheldon. Sheldon manages to get on the nerves of the old man after a short time. In the university's cafeteria, Howard asks if Raj wants to do something with him on Friday, because Bernadette plans a girl's night at his home. Raj is invited to join him.

When her other two friends are present, Leonard surprisingly receives a message from Professor Proton. He asks Leonard for help with a treatise which surprised Sheldon. He wonders why the professor did not address him in this matter and is disappointed. When Sheldon tells Amy later, she is not necessarily surprised; but she did not want to tell him anything that could raise him. But Sheldon is so annoyed that Amy fled.

On the girl's evening, to which Raj also came, jewelery is made. Howard suddenly emerges and perverts the girlish Raj in his eyes. Howard then wants to help with crafting and joins the round. Sheldon looks up Professor Proton in the evening to apologize to him for his annoying behavior. When the matter is resolved, he also offers his help for the publication of the professor. When the professor refuses, because he still wants to work with Leonard, Sheldon is again angered and withdraws. As Leonard and the professor meet the next day to work, Sheldon also appears and has brought someone with him: Bill Nye, who is known as Professor Proton from the science children's television.

Professor Proton is not at all pleased with this guest and lets him feel it. Penny, Amy and Raj have met once again to make jewelry. Bernadette and Howard arrive. This time, Howard has brought even more tools for crafting. Raj is not very enthusiastic about Howard's presence. Professor Proton asks Leonard why he is a friend of Sheldon. Leonard explains that he appreciates Sheldon in spite of his peculiarities as a friend and has fun with him. Sheldon has also been kidnapping Bill Nye and wants to be picked up by Leonard.

Raj makes Howard feel that he is disturbing "his" girl night. Raj admits that he talks to the girls about things that Howard would only raise. Howard apologizes for this. Professor Proton, surprisingly, stands in front of Sheldon's door and would like to have his support in his work. Sheldon, who has already read this work because he has hacked into the professor's e-mail account, confesses his appreciation to it.

When Penny appears in the living room, the professor quickly has only eyes for the pretty blonde. He asks if Penny can not match him with her grandmother. Raj, meanwhile, looks up Howard to give him a present. It is a light sword belt buckle. Raj carries himself also carries one, which then dampens Howard's provisional enthusiasm, when he sees how his friend wants to cross with him the blades.