Mein Gespräch mit Mutter

While Howard and Sheldon are still in Texas, the rest of the clique has gathered in Leonard's living room for dinner. Stuart has also come. When the comic strip owner suddenly collapses and remains motionless on the ground, Raj announces that his friends are now part of one of his Krimids. Stuart, who plays the corpse for the rest of the evening, was killed by one of those present. Leonard, Penny, Amy and Bernadette are supposed to find out in the next few hours who killed Stuart. In Texas, Howard and Sheldon are on their way to Sheldon's mother. Your son would like to surprise them. In Pesadena, Raj leads his bored friends through his crime scene and is himself more than Leonard, Penny, Amy and Bernadette. Above all, Penny has no desire for Raj's stupid play.

When Sheldon arrives at the house of his mum and looks through the window, he wants to leave the place again. He could see his mother in sex with a strange man. Howard brings Sheldon to a bar and the friends discuss what to do now. Howard is of the opinion that Sheldon's mother is an adult woman, who has long been alone and has the right to meet men. Sheldon then calls his mother and tells her he'll be right next to her. In Raj's game, his friends are now making a hypothetical time journey into the future, which provokes a little discussion between Leonard and Penny, which Raj can not really settle. Shortly afterwards, Sheldon bluntly confronts his mother with what he had to look at before. His mother is sorry and she wants to answer her son's questions.

The strange man was a friend from the church, she says. When Sheldon gets upset with his mother during the conversation, she sends him to his room like a little boy. On the other hand, Sheldon has nothing to show off and pulls off. Stuart intervenes in the discussion between Leonard and Penny and says that he considers the two to be a great couple because they mutually enrich each other. Penny is so touched by Stuart's kind words that she is pissed and confessed to the murder of him. Raj reacts indignantly that Penny has screwed the game. Meanwhile, Howard arrives in Sheldon's room and advises his buddy not to be too strict with his mother. Howard tells Sheldon that he has already done something similar with his mum. Sheldon could not stand in the way of his mother's happiness, says Howard.

Then Sheldon speaks with his mum, who also apologizes to him. Penny also apologizes to Rajesh for having messed up the game. The friends hope that they will be as good friends in 20 years as it was in the game. They decide to meet exactly in 20 years at the same place, no matter what may happen. On this date, Stuart is the only one to show up. When he realizes that no one will show up, he disappoints.