Amy has great Valentine's Day plans for herself and Sheldon: She's booked a weekend at a guesthouse in the Napa Valley. For Sheldon to have something of it, there is also a dinner while driving in a historic railroad on the weekend program. Howard and Bernadette are also involved with the game and Sheldon's initial doubts are suddenly blown away. Later, the whole clique for the Pizza-Essen at Leonard and Sheldon was found and one discusses the respective Valentine's Day plans. Leonard and Penny have done nothing special and agree to take care of Cinnamon, Raj's dog, who has to work. A few days later is Valentine's Day and Sheldon is very enthusiastic about the fact that he can spend the evening in such a beautiful train. Leonard and Penny, who stayed at home, celebrate their Valentine's Day after sharing gifts in the bedroom.

During the dinner, Sheldon is approached by an odd train fan by the Nachbartisch, and he immediately gets in touch with him. When Leonard and Penny return to the living room, they realize that Cinnamon, when she was alone, had eaten a whole box of chocolates. The couple decides to bring Raj's bitch directly to the veterinarian. Sheldon, who has now moved away from Amy, Howard, and Bernadette, is extremely pleased with his new friend about trains. Sheldons invites his interlocutor, who has been doing nothing but pulling old trains across the country since an accident at work, then even going to sit down with his friends - and this to the suffering of Amy. She is visibly annoyed by Sheldon's strange new mates, as does Howard and Bernadette.

In the meantime, Leonard and Penny have arrived at a veterinarian who looks at Cinnamon. The indignant Raj emerges and reproaches his friends for not taking good care of his bitch. But the doctor, who flirts a little with Raj, can give all clear. Cinnamon is missing nothing. Raj can take the dog back home after a short time. Leonard and Penny, who have been waiting for veterinarian practice up to this point, are relieved. Sheldon disappears with the other passenger to look at the machine room of the old locomotive. The abandoned Amy is jealous of Howard and Bernadette, between whom yet a little romantic mood arises. Bernadette gives Amy the tip to be a bit stricter to Sheldon, so she gets what she wants. That's what Amy is about to do.

Sheldon comes back and Amy makes him a snail after she has sent away the strange train fan. She calls her friend a little more romanticism and more attention. Sheldon gets into rage and wants to offer Amy directly the full romance program. He takes a deep sip of wine, stares Amy in the eyes and finally gives her a kiss. Then he invites Amy to come to the lockman to find out more about the old train they are in. Back home, Raj surprises with surprise that the pretty veterinarian has given him a note with her telephone number and a Valentine's Day greeting. When Sheldon returns home, he has to tell Leonard about his weekend. Of course, Leonard is most interested in the first kiss between Sheldon and Amy.