Reife Leistung, Playboy!

Sheldon is faced with a huge problem: Should he buy the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One? He compares the two game consoles exactly, but can not decide on a devil come out for a device. Penny has her friends Amy and Bernadette. The hostess gets a call; Penny was once again offered the role in the killer gorilla film and the blonde thinks about accepting it. Rajesh runs Emily in a café. He knows the pretty red-haired girl from online dating, but her first and only clash had hit the wall. Emily wants to give Raj a chance and the two drink a coffee together. Sheldon goes mad with Amy, who has cooked for her boyfriend, with his PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One dilemma. After all, Amy hypocrites a bit of interest and hopes that the matter will soon come to an end.

But even during the farewell kiss Sheldon has to talk about his decision-making problem. Leonard and Penny, who also spend this evening together, are reading the terrible killer gorilla scenario. Penny is torn to and fro as to whether she should accept the stupid part or not. Leonard advises his girlfriend to agree. Raj later reported to his friends about the meeting with Emily and his plans to have more dates with her. Suddenly, however, he gets a message from Lucy who wants to meet him. So now Raj has a decision problem: should he both girls at the same time data, or rather only one? And if so, which of them? Leonard and Penny have now met Wil Wheaton to ask him for his professional advice. But Will can not help Penny properly. He only reports of very depressing experiences, which he has now made in the show business and at Castings.

At least, Raj has decided in the meantime, Emily and Lucy to simultaneously data. When Sheldon finally wants to buy the Xbox with Amy in the tow, he suddenly changes his mind, so that he stands between the two shelves and as in the beginning does not know any more. After a few hours of to and fro, he and Amy are finally thrown out by a shop assistant because the store has long since closed. Raj is later with Emily at dinner in a restaurant and tells her about Lucy's message. But Emily is understanding and does not see the matter so closely, because Raj and Lucy had no real relationship at all. Penny was also able to make the decision: she had the gorilla role despite doubts and is a few days later already on the set of the film, where Wil Wheaton surprisingly crosses the way. This has also played a role as a gorilla.