During the night, Sheldon is torn from sleep. In his nightmare, his best friend and roommate Leonard, who was on a research ship on the North Sea, from which he was pulled by an octopus into the sea, while he was talking on the phone with Sheldon. Totally excited Sheldon runs across the hallway and looks for Penny. Leonard`s girlfriend is tired and annoyed by Sheldon, but agrees to let Sheldon stay the night in her apartment so he won't be alone. The next day Sheldon, Howard, and Raj meet in the Cafeteria of the University. Raj `s separation from Lucy isn`t easy for him. Howard encourages his mate, who recently became able to talk to women, just to find a new girlfriend.

At the welcome party for the new doctorands, Rajesh shall make new acquaintances and Howard promises to accompany him there. While Bernadette and Amy being on a conference, Sheldon and Penny spend some time together. Penny realises quickly, that Sheldon misses his roommatevery much, but he doesn`t want to admit that. In the meantime, Raj's approaches of women does not go well. Then he and Howard discover that the personnel manger Miss Davis, was recently abandoned by her man, and they start a conversation with her. However, she quickly sends Raj packing. At the same time, Bernadette and Amy are at a bar and unexpectedly get drinks from two gentlemen, what pleases them most of all is that Penny is not with them. Usually it is the pretty blonde who gets the free drinks, when the three friends go out together.

Sheldon plays 3D-chess with Penny and enjoys not to be alone. They decide together to call Leonard. It is reveled that on board the ship there is a downright party and wild dancing. Leonard is in a festive mood and apparently enjoying his trip to the fullest. Then the telephone connection breaks off. Penny is stunned, that Leonard is enjoying himself while she misses him so much. She thinks that Leonard does not miss her. Sheldon is able to sooth Penny. He had promised to Leonard that during his absence, he would take care of Penny. In parallel, Bernadette inadvertently makes a remark about Sheldon which angers Amy and Raj finds Miss Davis again and begins a conversation with her.

Penny and Sheldon also talk. Penny wants to draw a secret from Sheldon. She reveals that she had a topless role at the beginning of her career. It was a low budget film of a murder Gorilla. That was not new for Sheldon. He betrayes her in turn his secret, which has to do with the valuation system on Youtube, what makes him a hardly fight. Penny can not understand that and feels ridiculed by Sheldon and she feels moked by Sheldon. However Sheldon is serious, so that Penny apologizes herself. Bernadette and Amy are still by go-to- bett in chlinch, but they will endure again quickly. Raj and Miss Davis apart by good feeling, what Raj interpreted as that the personal manager of the university is very fond of him. But Howard wants to unsell it from him. In the Nord sea ship Leonard take out his Laptop and shows his colleagues (f/m) topless appearence in the killing gorilla movie, because of swagger.