Wenn Männer Händchen halten

At the joint dinner in Leonards and Sheldons WG, Penny tells the clique that she recently rejected a film role. She should play the lead role in the continuation of the killer gorilla movie. Because the first part was already absurd for her and the new screenplay seemed ridiculous to her, Penny had knocked out the offer. This can not understand Leonard and reproaches his girlfriend because she has not used this opportunity. Before Penny furiously leaves the apartment and Leonard follows her, Sheldon begins to make fun of Howard. When Bernadette wants to know why Sheldon is doing this, he says that he has been the goal of Howard's tangle and vulgarity for 10 years. Later, Raj and Amy are on their way home and Amy wants to know why the lonely Raj does not care about his online dating profile again.

The next day, Sheldon gets Howard in his office. This offers Sheldon to be a better friend to him and refrain from the constant insults. Sheldon agrees and is also invited by Howard to Houston, where the astronaut is to give a lecture in the NASA center. On this occasion Sheldon could also visit his mother, says Howard. Raj, however, is looking for Amy and wants her advice: Rajesh, who has resumed his online dating, wants to write a woman, but does not know what to write. Amy agrees to contact the girl to support Raj. When Penny Sheldon goes to the pharmacy, her car breaks. Later she looks up Leonard and cries out, because everything is going wrong with her. Also the role in the gorilla film, which she wanted to accept, is now already forgiven.

Raj wants to know if Emily has already answered from the online dating Amy. Amy has bad news for Raj. Because he has not written Emily himself, this Raj has concerns and does not want to meet him. However, Amy has arranged for a meeting with Emily, because the two have found many similarities during their mailing. Howard and Sheldon are on their way to Texas, and after a few minutes Howard is annoyed by his companion and feels offended by Sheldon's strange statements. When the plane, in which the two sit, however, in turbulences, the two get back together quickly and even hold the hand of the other. When Penny breaks up with Leonard to get her job back at the Chessecake Factory, her friend surprises her with a new car that he wants to give her.

Penny should continue to go to castings, says Leonard. Penny is touched and very grateful to her Leonard. Amy has now met Emily for a coffee. While trying to get a good word for Raj, he unexpectedly appears in the cafe and makes sure that Emily immediately takes flight. Howard and Sheldon are very happy that they have survived the turbulences and have not crashed.