The Deception Verification

Penny was shopping with Sheldon, because Leonard is still on a research trip and will not be back in a few days. But as the blond girl enters her apartment, she is surprised by her boyfriend Leonard. Penny is overcome with joy. Leonard returned earlier than announced, in order to spend a few Sheldon-free days with his sweetheart - of course, his roommate shouldn't learn about it.

Later Sheldon is in Stewart's comic book store and hopes to find at a welcome-back present for Leonard. Steward senses a good deal and takes advantage of Sheldon. Howard and Raj are also in the shop. Howard acts strangely, doesn't feel well and tells Raj he is on a diet. Later, Leonard and Penny look at the pictures of Leonard's trip and have ordered pizza. As the pizza delivery stands in front of Penny's door, Sheldon appears in the hall, he has also brought food. Sheldon has the idea to eat together with his neighbor. Penny tries to block, but Sheldon gets quickly in her apartment.

Leonard hides in the bathroom and Sheldon speculates that Penny doesn't seem to be alone. Penny can finally get Sheldon rid of without that he does not see his friend. When Howard comes home , his wife Bernadette determines that the engineer behaves strangly. When Howard shows Bernadette the estrogen ointment, with which he creamed his mother for weeks, the microbiologist makes out it as the reason for Howard's behavior. The oestrogen, which her husband get in touch, shows reveal some side effect on him. Shelden spends with Amy the night and he admits her that he is in worry about Penny. He belives, that Penny has had strange mal visitor while Lenoard's absence. They listen together at the neigbor's door to find out, if Sheldon suppositon is right.

When they hear voices, sheldon opens the flat door and sees Leonard and Penny sitting together on the couch. Sheoldon is horryfied and Leonard comes in explanation distress and wants to apologize. But even a small gift from the Nord Sea can not pacify Sheldon. Meanwhile, Howard has invited Raj and asked him for help: He should check whether Howard's breasts have grown from the estrogen. The result is that Bernadette - as she comes into the living room - must see how Howard and Raj with free upper bodies grasp each other's chest -a disturbing sight. Still some days later, Sheldon lets Leonard feel that he is disappointed and angry with him. After that Leonard lets his roommate there and therefore Amy has to drive Sheldon to the University

Läter in the University cafeteria Sheldon joined to Leonard, Howard and Raj and the dispute between the roommates go directly in the next round. However Howard can convey between both and explains excessivly emotional that the dispute is over. On the Evening Howard, Bernadette, Raj, Amy and Penny are byLeonard and Sheldon and it very harmony again in the group. At the same time Leonard notice, that Raj can now speaks with women without alkohol- Nobody had say it to him during his three month trip.