Ein Abend mit Darth Vader

Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj sit at their laptops and try to order the hotly-coveted tickets for the Comic-Con online. These are already sold out before the guys can log on the overloaded website. The disappointment is now huge, and even Penny pitied the sad guys. Later in the university's cafeteria, Sheldon believes she has found the solution to the problem of the boys: he wants to set up his own convention. His friends have already decided to get tickets on the black market, and consider Sheldon's idea to be ridiculous. Sheldon emphasizes that Leonard, Howard, and Raj could be expelled from the Comic-Con for life-long, if their dizziness were to fly. Shortly afterwards, Sheldon tries to put his plan into practice.

He calls famous actors to win them for his convention. Of course Sheldon does not get a single pledge. Not even his friend Will Wheaton is with the party. Penny, Bernadette and Amy can not really understand that their friends are making such a move around the Comic-Con tickets and are willing to spend so much money on it and their other childish hobbies. The girls decide to do something appropriate to their age and decide to go to a teaparty in a nearby hotel. Sheldon later told his friends that he was about to win a star guest for his convention. On Twitter he has learned that James Earl Jones, an actor and the voice of Darth Vader in Star Wars, is known to be in the afternoon in a sushi restaurant in Pesadena. Leonard, Howard and Raj are still sure that Sheldon's plan will fail.

After Sheldon left the apartment, the three others are waiting for the shady ticket seller, who has announced to come to Leonard's apartment. Penny, Bernadette and Amy have arrived at the hotel in the meantime and have to realize that they are the only adults on the Teaparty, otherwise only small girls have come. Therefore, the girlfriends decide to order a drink at the bar of the hotel. There the three talk about growing up. Sheldon meets James Earl Jones, who unexpectedly invites him to spend the evening with him. Leonard, Howard and Raj are suddenly no longer sure whether to buy the black market tickets, but then they decide to go through it. When the salesman stands outside the door, however, the boys suddenly no longer trust themselves to open it. They act as if they are not at home because they are afraid.

Sheldon and James Earl Jones understand each other immediately and are on the way the rest of the evening together. They go ice cream, to the fair, to karaoke, and make a joke at Carrie Fisher, who is known for their role as Princess Leia in Star Wars. Afterwards, the two in a steam bath to let the exciting day end, which was very demanding for Sheldon. There, James Earl Jones, who is very impressed by his new friend, invites Sheldon and his friends as his companions to the Comic-Con.