Penny tells Leonard about the terrible shooting that she is going through for the killer gorilla film. Sheldon is still looking for a new focus. As he does not progress, the three decide to reintroduce the all-is-possible Thursday to divert Sheldon a little. When Leonard, Sheldon and Penny can not agree on what they could do, they decide to take a walk to find a new restaurant. They only stay three because Amy - as Sheldon says - is sick and Bernadette has to work longer according to Penny. Howard has to spend the evening with his mother and Raj is doing his companion company. Raj has brought a DVD, which he would like to see the next day with Emily.

Because this is "House of the 1000 corpses", he wants to see the horror film before his date with Emily, to make himself familiar with it and not to stand before Emily as a fear bunny. When Leonard, Penny, and Sheldon stroll through Pesadena and look for a new restaurant, they accidentally discover Bernadette and Amy in a bar. The two have obviously lied to their friends. When they interfere with Bernadette and Amy, they both agree to be annoyed by Penny's complaints about her film and Sheldon's search for a new study area and wanted to be an evening for herself. Leonard has to admit that Penny has had enough, and Penny gets mad with Sheldon, leaving the others alone. Penny and Sheldon want to feel betrayed by their friends and want to spend the evening without them. They go out to eat together and talk about how much they are disappointed by their friends. Howard and Raj are very disturbed by the film they are watching and wonder why Emily might like such a movie. Leonard, Bernadette and Amy have feelings of guilt.

When Bernadette feels guilty about Howard, she says, she always has to dress up for her husband as a Catholic schoolgirl. Bernadette also lied to Howard that day because she did not want to spend this evening with Howard's sick mother. Leonard then has to learn to the girls that Penny is now and then synonymous flunches him. Penny wiederrum gives Howard the tip that his wife Bernadette has lied in today. Howard is happy, because now he can be sure that Bernadette will wear his hotly coveted costume for him later. Penny then convinces Sheldon to visit a fortune-teller. This will help Sheldon choose his new study area. Amy admits she is sometimes a little jealous of Penny because she has a very good relationship with Sheldon. Sheldon makes the fortune-teller down from the beginning, but Penny insists on asking her for advice. When the fortune teller comes to talk about Amy and says that this is the key to Sheldon's personal and professional happiness, the physicist leaves the store.

The next evening, Raj and Emily met to see "House of the 1000 Corpse." Raj admits that he has already seen the film and expresses his concerns. Emily feels like Horrorfilmen similar to Raj, but these movies make her somehow, she says. This ensures that Raj immediately throws all his concerns overboard and pushes Play. Amy has asked Sheldon to apologize to him. She throws off her jacket and wears Bernadette's schoolgirl costume. Of course, Sheldon can start with a sexy roll play a little bit.