The Tenure Turbulence

The nerds are sitting together eating in the cafeteria . Kripke comes and tells them that Professor Tupperman was found dead on his desk after two weeks. Therefore, a tenured position has become available. Kripke wants to ingratiate himself with the tenure committee. After he is gone, Howard asks the others if they intend to insinuate themselves, too. Leonard and Raj think that they each qualify to be granted the position.

Leonard and Sheldon each tell their girlfriends, independently of one another, about the tenured position. Although Leonard is holding back, Amy thinks that the others don't stand a chance against Sheldon. However, Sheldon himself is afraid that he will make Leonard jealous. Raj is visiting with Howard and Bernadette. He wants to become financially independent of his parents with the higher income.

All claim that they do not actually want to fraternize with the committee members.

The next day Leonard visits the Fitness Center of the University and by pure chance meets Mrs Davis the personnel manager. She is a member. He pretends to be getting into shape for the summer. At first, he gets on the Crosstrainer, and then pedals very hard. He mentions his application. Kripke walks by and stops to chat up the personnel manager while Leonard falls off the Crosstrainer and cries for a doctor.

In the office, Mrs. Davis gets an audition tape over the internet from Raj. Then, Sheldon knocks on her door and brings her a gift. The "Roots" DVD. But he comes across very badly. When he leaves the office, he wants to give the Jacky Chan boxed collection to Dr. Wu.

At lunch time, the nerds meet in the cafeteria Howard asks whether the three are going to the memorial service which all the committee will also attend. The others become attentive to Howard's amusement.

Sheldon tells Amy about the Memorial and she offers to escort him. Sheldon sees an advantage in him being there. Leonard and Penny talk and Penny mentions casually that Sheldon and Amy are going to the memorial service. Leonard also decides to attend with Penny.

Before the ceremony the friends run into each other. Everyone is upset that the others are there. Because officially none of them wanted to attend it. Also, Howard and Bernadette come and start to make fun of the others. Shortly before the situation escalates, Leonard wants to back out and go home. Sheldon also does not want to lose his friends for the job. Then Kriple passes by with Mrs Davis and is talking to her about babysitting her children. The others do not want to be outdone by him and walk united into the ceremony.

Sheldon drops by Mrs. Davis office as he wants to say thanks to her. She recommended him, Leonard and Raj for the position. As he leaves, he says, "Cool, sister!"