The Tangible Affection Proof

Penny and Leonard are at dinner and Penny is talking about her work in the cheesecake factory. Leonard asks her what she wants to do for Valentine's day. Penny is apprehensive with her enjoyment about the date, but Leonard promises that this year he will become a romance ninja.

Sheldon and Amy are going up the stairs to the apartment and Sheldon talks about his excretions after his chili consumption. Amy also brings the conversation to their date for Valentine's Day and Sheldon has to accept that his distraction did not work.

Howard is with Raj in the comic book store and he's on the phone with Bernadette. She is moody throughout the evening and seems to grumble at him during the conversation.

Raj asks what Stuart is doing on Valentine's day. Since Raj's dog is sick, Raj has no date. He suggests having a party in the shop for all those who do not have a date. Stuart is delighted.

Sheldon assigns Alex from the office an important duty: She is supposed to find a gift for Amy for Valentine's Day. She is not enthusiastic, but Sheldon gives her the money and Alex finally goes perplexed.

Howard gets a visit from Leonard in the laboratory. He shows Leonard his very special gift for Bernadette: he got her initials written on a heart the size of a thousandth of a grain of sand. Leonard is impressed. He tells Leonard that his trip to a nice restaurant does not compare with Howard's present. But as Howard drops the slide with the grain, he must unfortunately accept Leonard's proposal of a table for four.

Sheldon has a visit from Alex and wants to examine her purchases for Amy himself. She has considered Amy's interests on Facebook extensively and believes that she has exactly the right gift for her. She brings a small harp from the bag, which plays a piece of music. However, since Amy already has a harp, Sheldon is not enthusiastic. She then brings out a map of the Canterbury Tales, which represents the journey the characters took through England. Sheldon doesn't like this, either. But Alex has a third gift: she managed to get a signed drawing of a brain cell. Sheldon is so excited that he even wants to keep the print.

Leonard and Penny are waiting for Howard and Bernadette in the restaurant. As the two arrive, Bernadette is visibly irritated and arguing with Howard. They are fighting because Howard has not started the laundry. Penny sees her ex-boyfriend there with her former friend at the neighboring table, and to her horror, he makes a marriage proposal as well. Leonard immediately wants to follow suit, but Penny instructs him to get up again.

Raj and Howard are preparing for the party in the comic book store. Raj finds that, if Stuart were a woman, the two would be a perfect pair.

Penny still can't get over her ex-boyfriend's marriage proposal . Leonard would like Penny to forget about the two, but she must look over and over again. Leonard feels aggrieved by her and the two get into a fight. Howard and Bernadette are alone again and want to celebrate at home.

Sheldon gets a visit from Amy. She has a surprise: She has cancelled the table reservation and wants Sheldon to do without the romance and order pizza and watch Star Wars. Sheldon is moved. But Sheldon also has a gift for Amy: he has named her as his emergency contact person at the university. Amy is deeply touched.

Leonard and Penny split up in the hallway in a fight. But Leonard doesn't want to give up on the night so he goes to Penny and confronts her. Penny admits that she has relationship fear because it is going just so well between them. Leonard promises that he will make no more requests. They both reconcile.

In the comic book store the party is in full swing. The mood is ruined. Then Raj gives a passionate speech that they are not alone. When he is finished a woman who liked his speech speaks to him. Raj invites her to coffee and as he makes his exit from the store calls the others "losers."

Sheldon calls Amy from the laboratory. He fears that he has been bitten by a bird spider and she, as his emergency contact, has to rush to him. She is annoyed, because he asked her to come for the sake of a tumor the previous day, however, in the end she packs her things and goes on her way.