The Spoiler Alert Segmentation

Leonard is sitting on the sofa reading "Harry Potter" while Sheldon is working on his laptop. Leonard is curious about the sixth book, but Sheldon then reveals an important detail from this book. Leonard is angry about this spoiler. Sheldon, however, thinks that Leonard's morning cereal is making him hysterical, and that is why he is flipping out. Leonard is beside himself and the situation escalates so much, that Leonard throws the roommate agreement on the floor and says that he doesn't want to live with Sheldon anymore.

Raj arrives at Howard's place and brings him back a suitcase which was borrowed 2 years ago. Bernadette and he are going to Las Vegas as a bonus for their work done. Howard asks Raj to look after his mother while he is away. He is worried, since her dentist has abandoned her. Raj pretends he has something else to do, but Howard knows it's not true. Raj finally agrees.

Leonard blows off steam about Sheldon with Penny. Penny, however, does not take him seriously. But when Leonard proposes that he move in with Penny, she responds with restraint. She pretends to be worried about Sheldon Additionally, he spoils the 'Harry Potter' volumes by more details. Penny runs out of arguments and Leonard sees this as consent and wants to get his things.

Howard's mother and Raj have dinner. When Raj pretends he must go, Howard's mother becomes sad. Raj can't bring himself to leave and stays for a cake.

In the meantime, Sheldon and Amy are clearing away Leonard's things. Sheldon wants to look for a new room mate Amy suggests that she move in with Sheldon, but he is so shocked that he has no counter-argument. In his panic, he knocks at Penny's and wants to talk to Leonard. He asks him to return. However, Leonard refuses, but Penny tries to persuade Leonard. In vain.

Howard calls Raj and wants to ask him about the evening. But to his surprise, Raj is still at his place. He is wearing Howard's pajamas and lying in his bed. Howard advises him that he should flee quickly, but Raj would rather have breakfast. Then he realizes that his clothes are gone.

Sheldon and Penny meet in the corridor. Sheldon reproaches her, but then Penny tells him that she does not want Leonard living with her. However, Sheldon doesn't understand why she doesn't just tell him. They decide to tell their partners the truth.

Bernadette and Howard are in the Las Vegas hotel room. They both have back problems after the last night. Then Raj, who can't leave Howard's parents' house, calls. His clothes and his keys are gone, and now Howard's mother also wants to bathe him. Howard is really sorry, but he gets rid of him.

Amy and Sheldon are eating together in the apartment. Amy shows him a text for the new voice mail message. Then Sheldon reaches for it and explains that Amy cannot move in. She is furious and confronts Sheldon. Sheldon blames Penny. As a result, Amy runs to Penny and accuses her of not wanting to live with Leonard. Then they all yell at each other, until Amy and Penny decide to drink wine together and complain about their boyfriends. In her anger, Amy states that now she wants to live with Penny.

Leonard and Sheldon go sheepishly into the apartment and decide to watch a series together.

Meanwhile, Raj tries to escape from the house. But Howard's mother catches him and pulls him back into the house.