Mädelsabend mit Kerl

Penny and Leonard are building a fireplace in her apartment for Christmas Day. Leonard mentions in passing that he has planned an evening of Dungeons & Dragons with the guys. Penny is not very enthusiastic, because the girls are not welcome.

At the same time Amy is informed about the evening by Sheldon; she would like to play too. However, Sheldon has to refuse her. Howard also tells Bernadette about the game night straightaway. She is admittedly disappointed, but she gives him permission.

Only Raj has it easier, because he tells Stuart about the evening, and Stuart is very happy about it, because as a man, at least he is invited.

While the boys prepare for the role play, Leonard surprises Sheldon. It's a Christmas role playing game! Sheldon is enthusiastic at first, but when he finds out they need to rescue Santa, he is somewhat annoyed. For him, these two things do not belong together, and he doesn't think much of the fact that Leonard wants to bring him closer to Christmas.

They start to play, but Raj simply rushes in and dies instantly. He is disappointed. Then the girls come in. They are now heading out by themselves, and want to show the guys what they are missing with a fashion show. Therefore Raj asks to go with them, and they have pity and take him with them.

In the bar, Raj treats everyone to champagne and makes himself popular with the girls. They want to hook Raj up.

In the meantime, the boys go on playing. When they get into a hopeless situation, Sheldon has to sing a Christmas carol to save them all. But then he cannot stop himself and has to sing all the verses.

Raj is with a lady in the bar and the girls are satisfied. However, when Raj comes back he's been rebuffed. He is sad and doesn't understand why he can't find a woman. The girls want to encourage him. But Raj admits that he is always in love with women who are taken. Like Bernadette and Penny. But with Amy, however, he was not in love.

Sheldon has finished singing, and the boys continue playing. Leonard noticed how Sheldon gets into the Christmas spirit more and more, without even realizing it.

Amy is insulted that Raj didn't want to have anything to do with her, but she can also understand him. Raj understands her very well and they talk about their loneliness. But Amy has Sheldon now, and as that becomes clear to Raj, at once he wants something from Amy.

In the apartment, the boys play 'Jingle Bells' on bells. They are close to their destination. They find Santa and want to set him free. But then Sheldon stops the others and delivers a sermon to Santa about how when he was a child, Santa did not fulfill his wish for his grandfather. He throws away the dungeon keys and leaves Santa in the dungeon. The game is ruined and Leonard is angry that he stood Penny up for that.

At night, Sheldon wakes up and discovers Santa in the living room. He speaks with him and Santa apologises for the disappointment in Sheldon's childhood. Then he shoots a cannon ball at Sheldon, because Sheldon has left him in the dungeon.