Armer Astronaut

Raj, Leonard, Sheldon, and Stuart are sitting together in the apartment eating. The three nerds are looking forward to Howard's return and for their gang to be complete again. But Raj doesn't forget Stuart, who should be friends with them, too. Meanwhile Howard is on the way to earth again. He is praying in panic.

At the airport, Bernadette is waiting impatiently for Howard. However, he was expecting a larger reception committee and now expects a party at home.

In the meantime, Sheldon, Amy, Penny, and Leonard are preparing for game night. Sheldon is somewhat sad, that he still doesn't get to see Howard.

They are playing girls against boys. First, they play Pictionary. The girls win every round, while the boys can get no points due to Sheldon's crazy attitude.

Howard waits in their room for Bernadette, who's still in the bathroom. Unfortunately, she has suddenly gotten ill and taken a pill. They both want to make up for their wedding night, but after a few minutes Bernadette is already asleep.

Penny makes fun of Sheldon losing. Sheldon does not want to accept defeat and challenges them. He proposes a physics game in Spanish but Penny refuses. In return, Sheldon does not want to play a pub game, because there he sees Penny's advantage through her experiences.

Howard leaves Bernadette at the house to sleep and visits his mother. She is surprised and seems panicked. A man can clearly be heard talking with her in the house. Then a window opens and Howard's dentist tries to flee from the house. Howard is shocked and confronts the man.

In the apartment, the four are playing "Where's Waldo". But here Penny and Amy also have the advantage. Then it is Penny and Sheldon's turn. They have to do long division, after spinning in circles with their foreheads on a stick. Penny wins here. And also during the subsequent rounds, Sheldon can not win.

Howard is now knocking at Raj's place. He is glad to see him and asks him in. Then he learns about Howard's mother's affair. Then Stuart comes in, since he now lives with Raj. However Howard feels superfluous when he learns that the two have tickets for "Sound of Music" later that night. He leaves again.

The four in the apartment are now having a blueberry pie-eating contest. They kneel on the floor in front of their dishes of pie and have their arms crossed behind their back. While the four are munching the cake, Howard comes in. But the four yell at him that he shouldn't bother them.

Howard has ended up in a Café. The waitress has recognized him as an astronaut and gave him a piece of cake. Howard sits alone in front of his cake, singing "Rocketman" quietly - and suddenly he sneezes, too.