The Proton Resurgence

Leonard is explaining some laptop functions to Penny and she shoots Sheldon, who is at the next table, with a plastic missile. Meanwhile, Sheldon has found Professor Proton on the internet. He presented a science program for children during Sheldon's childhood . Leonard and Sheldon are thrilled Sheldon discovers that you can book the professor and wants to invite him. They both sing the theme song of his series.

Raj, Howard and Leonard meet in the canteen. Raj asks Howard to look after his dog for the weekend, because he is working for the whole weekend. Sheldon rushes over and has good news: The Professor has accepted!

Raj brings Cinnamon to Howard's house in the dog carrier. He explains the meal plan and Howard reassures the dog that he also has a psychotic mother.

At night Sheldon can't sleep and keeps Leonard awake. He is too excited, because Professor Proton is coming. He is even considering borrowing a suit and practicing his greeting. Then Leonard stands up, goes over and gives Sheldon a smack.

Howard and Bernadette come back from walking Cinnamon. When they want to get her out of the buggy, it's empty. Both of them start to panic and blame each other.

Sheldon is waiting at the peephole and is impatient. The professor calls out, as he stands in the hallway. Sheldon, Penny and Leonard rush toward him and greet him. But the professor is skeptical and inquires about Sheldon's story, asking if Sheldon is dangerous

In the flat, the three of them are talking to Professor Proton. He is still not sure what to do with them. He doesn't understand why he should perform his children's show for two physicists.

Bernadette and Howard are driving around looking for Cinnamon. But there is nothing to see anywhere.

The professor has started his show, but Penny is the only one who does not know his experiments. But the professor wants to end his show. He no longer wants to play his part, because he is not taken seriously by anyone. As Penny tries a last question, he asks Leonard what he ever talks about with her.

Sheldon explains to the professor that it was he who was able to inspire passion for science in many children and thus turn them into what they are today. But then the professor has problems with his pacemaker.

Raj gets a call from someone who found his dog. He gets going immediately.

The professor is picked up by the ambulance. Sheldon wants to accompany him, which doesn't suit the professor at all.

Howard and Bernadette receive a call from Raj. He confronts them because they have lost the dog. But Bernadette is upset because Raj has not told her that he already got the dog back hours ago, and gives him a lecture.

Sheldon is sitting by the professor's bed and singing him the cat song, Soft Kitty. He asks him for a favor: Sheldon should represent him at a children's performance. Sheldon is honored and now calls himself Professor Proton junior.