Die Parkplatz-Eskalation

Leonard, Raj and Sheldon are sitting together at lunch discussing the difference between mummies and zombies. Then Howard comes with good news: He has a new car and a new parking spot right at the entrance of the university. But Sheldon becomes upset, because this is his spot. They suspect that Howard got Sheldon's spot, because Sheldon doesn't need it anyway. But Sheldon is angry and insists on his spot. When Howard refuses, he tries to push away the car, which, naturally, does not work out.

Sheldon is with Leonard in the apartment and he is on the phone with the president of the university. He wants his parking spot back. But President Siebert says that Howard has earned the space with his achievements.. Sheldon is beside himself.

Howard storms into Sheldon's office. Sheldon has stolen his Iron Man helmet. Sheldon means to get revenge for the loss of his parking place. An eye for an eye. As Sheldon puts on the helmet, Howard takes with him Sheldon's doctoral certificate as a counter measure.

The girls come back from Amy's first bikini wax. While Amy is still a little lame, she and Bernadette talk about the parking space quarrel. Both are annoyed by it. But then, the girls get into an argument about which of their boyfriends is more successful. Penny tries to distract them from the topic, but the two keep squabbling. Bernadette leaves the apartment angrily.

Leonard, Raj and Sheldon come back into the apartment. Raj still hasn't had enough and now is discussing the topic of zombies and vampires. When they come into the living room, Sheldon cries out: Howard is sitting naked on his place and has his laptop on his lap. The two begin to fight, but neither will give in.

At night, Sheldon goes to the University with Amy. He sprays over Howard's name on the parking spot and labels it with his own. Then he wants Amy to leave her car parked there. As Amy lures him to the back seat, to show him her bikini zone, he is shaken by the many bandaids.

Penny is with Bernadette and the two are looking at wedding pictures. Then Amy knocks. She wants to speak immediately to Howard, because he has had her car towed away. Bernadette tells her gleefully that she has had the car towed away. This puts Amy in such a rage that she wants to hit Bernadette with her bag, but Penny stops her. Even as they bring Penny to the emergency room, they continue quarreling.

Sheldon has set up his whiteboard and his office chair in the parking lot and wants to work there. He uses his spot in this way. Howard waits impatiently and tries to drive him away by honking his car horn. Then he rolls up to him and so pushes him to the side. Sheldon is beside himself. Leonard comes and tries to make them see reason. While Howard is talking to Leonard, Sheldon goes and sits naked in Howard's car.

In his office, Sheldon gets a visit from Raj. Howard is with him. He wants to reconcile with Sheldon. He has told the President that the space should be returned to Sheldon. But Sheldon does not want to accept, because this consequently proves Howard is the bigger man. So he allows Howard to park in his spot until he needs it one day. And he wants Howard to acknowledge him as the greatest.

In the Cheesecake Factory, the two couples sit together to hammer out a reconciliation. Penny ironically congratulates them on it. She has a bandage over her nose, and two swollen black eyes.

In the final scene, Sheldon goes to the dry-cleaners. He wants to have his cushion cleaned. He is worried that remnants of Howard remain on the cushion. When he sees the son of the owners sitting next door with his laptop, he also wants to sell the man his laptop, which Howard had had on his lap.