The Love Spell Potential

The girls are heading to Las Vegas on their own and want to have a few great hours. They are telling each other which clothing they've packed.

Meanwhile the guys are planning a Dungeons & Dragons-night. Sheldon has bought himself separately new dice and the others I have provided. Both groups have a great evening in prospect

Sheldon is sceptical because Howard is gameleader instead of Leonard. Leonard wants to calm him down But when Howard speaks the first lines from the introduction, Sheldon is suprised. He's much better then Leonard Then Raj gets a textmessage that Lucy is free, commits suicide and hurries to Lucy. The others stay behind and want to carry on playing with the three of them.

Raj is sitting in a bar with lucy and they are chatting. She reveals that before the date she was very excited and then they talk about her problem - what to tell strangers.

Sheldon is increasingly delighted with Howard. It makes Leonard jealous and he wants to make it clear that he is better, but Sheldon denies it.

Then the girls come in. They only made it as far as the airport, as Amy caused trouble at the security check and consequently they were all put on the no-fly list. Amy wants to go home, but Leonard wants the girls to stay They should take part in their game. Howard rolls for it and the result is that the girls are allowed to play.

Penny made a drink and everyone began the game Penny rolls for the first battle, but is disappointed that they're only playing for experience points and not for money.

Raj and Lucy are eating together and Raj encourages her to return her food. This is too much for Lucy and she wants to escape again through the bathroom window. however the restaurant is fenced in behind and so she is stuck She calls to Raj

He is disappointed in her and demands an explanation. But Lucy is just afraid and Raj is conciliatory They both come closer and kiss through the chain-link fence.

The group made it, the opponent is defeated. Then Penny has a crazy suggestion: she wants Amy's and Sheldon's characters to have sex. Bernadette hits them both with a spell But Amy is overwhelmed with the situation, because apparently no one takes their relationship seriously She flees into Sheldon's room.

Sheldon arrives and wants to cheer her up. But Amy wants to know whether they will ever be intimate. Sheldon can't exclude it, although it means something different to him.

When Amy wanted to go back to the others, Sheldon retained her. He wants to continue the game under the spell. They roll the dice at the clothing of their characters and these kiss

Penny and Leonard knock by Sheldon and ask if everything is in order. Amy sends them fast because Sheldon just rolled that he is nibbling She screams the number 14