Holographisch erregt

The boys are browsing in the comic book store. Howard gives Stuart a picture signed by himself with a greeting from space. But Sheldon spoils the fun when he mentions that Howard has given copies to all the other places he shops.

Raj inquires about Stuart's plans for this year's Halloween celebration. He offers Stuart free help to find a girl for the party. When Howard starts to speak on the subject of his trip to space again, Leonard is alarmed. He and Sheldon together try a few topics and confirm that Howard steers the subject to his trip every time.

Amy and Bernadette are sitting with Penny at the Cheesecake Factory. Then Penny gets a text message from Leonard, who would like to take her shopping for costumes for Stuart's party. She has absolutely no desire to, but is encouraged by her friends to do more for Leonard. She should take an interest in his job, for example. Unfortunately she doesn't understand anything about it.

Amy is sitting with Sheldon in the kitchen and they are discussing their costumes for the party. Amy would very much like them to go in a matching couples costume for their first Halloween together. Unfortunately they have radically different ideas on what a good couples costume is.

Penny is visiting Leonard in his laboratory and is showing interest in his lab equipment. However she is acting very clumsy and stupid. Leonard shows her his newest experiment: it is hologram based. Penny is impressed and she swings around and locks the door as Leonard begins to undress.

In the cafeteria Raj, Howard and Sheldon meet. Raj is describing his ideas for food for the Halloween party. But Sheldon and Howard dampen his enthusiasm. Leonard comes in, smiling. Howard brings up the subject of the space station again.

Bernadette and Howard are lying in bed. Howard once again begins with his tales of space. But Bernadette is annoyed and wants a normal conversation. She wants to make it clear to him that he should not always keep droning on with his stories, but rather should wait for someone to ask him about it.

Penny again visits Leonard in the laboratory. He shows her an magnetic hovering experiment. Penny is fascinated and they begin to make out again.

Raj is chatting with Sheldon again about his plans for Halloween. Howard asks them if he really is annoying them with his space talk. They both want to be nice, but Howard is still offended. He wants to never again speak about space.

Amy and Sheldon are discussing their costumes in the apartment, but they can't come to an agreement. But Amy will not give way, and she wants to go borrow a costume with Sheldon.

Howard waits for Bernadette in the meantime, dressed as a Smurf. She is appropriately dressed up as Smurfette. Howard has very little interest in the party, but Bernadette has persuaded him.

At the party, the two are met by Leonard as Einstein and Penny as a sexy cop. Then Amy and Sheldon come in, too. Since they couldn't agree, they came to a compromise: Amy is Raggedy Ann, and Sheldon is Raggedy-C3PO.

At the buffet, Howard and Raj are together. Howard is really annoyed that he is not allowed to talk about space with anyone. Bernadette takes him into the next room and  lectures him clearly. For her, Howard would still be special without his flight into space. Then a door to a closet opens and Penny and Leonard come out with rumpled clothes ...

Bernadette and Howard go to bed. He watches a video that Raj gave him. It shows Buzz Aldrin handing out candy. And he is telling the children at his door about his trip to the moon. Howard pretends to understand.