Ein blondes Äffchen

Howard phones Bernadette from the ISS (International Space Station). He's now experiencing problems with the confinement and weightlessness. He wants her to drop something for him.

At the apartment, Penny brings Sheldon a package from his mother. The package contains old research papers from Sheldon's childhood. There is also his potty training journal, which quickly makes Penny turn away in disgust. Penny inquires about the meaning of the package. Sheldon, however, is hoping to find a scientific revelation in his old records. But since this will take a very long time, Leonard advises him to hire someone to read through the papers. Leonard refuses to help but Penny offers her services. It quickly become clear that she cannot understand the documents. Penny says that she always was just a little blonde monkey to Sheldon. He doesn't deny it.

Sheldon conducts a job interview with the young and attractive Alex. She is eager to be allowed to work for Sheldon and actually gets the job. Leonard and Raj come into Sheldon's office right as he is training Alex They are impressed by the new employee.

Bernadette gets a call from Howard. He has bad news, because his return trip is delayed by a couple of days. He is panicked and absolutely wants to get home She tries to calm him down.

Amy and Penny are sitting in Penny's apartment and Amy is getting help with her makeup. When Amy wants to surprise Sheldon on video chat with her new look, she encounters Alex. Amy is irritated and believes that Alex is making advances to Sheldon. They go to the University and want to take a picture of themselves. However, no one is in the office so Amy quickly marks his office effects with her fragrance.

In the cafeteria the four boys are sitting together eating Alex comes in and brings Sheldon his yogurt Leonard asks her to the table, but Sheldon considers that inappropriate. But Leonard prevails. They talk animatedly about the work. In the background, Penny and Amy are standing in the doorway watching them. Amy remarks that apparently Alex is Penny's problem.

Bernadette is chatting with Howard. He is panicked and wants Bernadette to pick him up with a homemade rocket.

Penny and Amy drive home and Amy makes it clear to her that Alex has been flirting with Leonard. But Penny herself is not sure about her own relationship.

When she eats dinner with Leonard in the apartment, Sheldon stops by with his assistant Alex. Both believe that Alex has found an interesting job. She could get the Nobel Prize with Sheldon. Penny introduces herself and then pointedly takes Leonard into her apartment.

Bernadette speaks with Howard again, who appears visibly lost. He thinks that the other astronauts have given him an injection. He turns in a circle and to Bernadette's horror pulls his pants off.