Spaß mit Flaggen (2)

Sheldon is sitting on the sofa in front of the camera starting a new episode of his program, "Fun with Flags." This time he goes over the Star Trek flags. Because of this, he has invited Wil Wheaton to visit. But Amy, who is holding the camera, immediately interrupts the recording. She says Wil's appearance is too wooden. And further attempts don't please Amy either. Wil is annoyed and since Sheldon is not on her side, Amy is upset. She takes Sheldon to task. Eventually she doesn't want to go out to eat with him any more.

Bernadette wants to go home with Howard after dinner at his mother's house. She criticizes that Howard still has so many things in his old room. When he proposes that they spend the night there, Bernadette is worried. She would like a clean break. Howard agrees and wants to take all of his things out of the room.

Sheldon comes home after a meal with Wil.. Leonard greets him and questions Sheldon further about his fight with Amy. Sheldon reacts quite coldly to this. Leonard appeals to him to reconcile with Amy.

Sheldon calls Amy and discovers that Amy is still mad at him. Sheldon has not supported her in her discussion with Wil!

Penny serves Bernadette and Howard their meal at the Cheesecake Factory. Bernadette would like to finish moving over Howard's remaining things quickly, but Howard tries to delay it Penny confirms to Bernadette that Howard will never move out. Howard reacts angrily and promises to move out the next day.

Sheldon knocks at Amy's and brings her a gift of reconciliation. However, the Star Trek DVDs are not well received by her. She throws him out again.

On the next day, Leonard and Raj help Howard get his last things. Howard cannot believe that he is finally doing it He remembers his childhood.

Sheldon goes to Penny at the Cheesecake Factory and wants to talk with her about Amy. Penny makes him a Long Island Iced Tea and takes advantage of Sheldon's ignorance about the ingredients. He drinks the drink down rapidly and is pleased, so he orders another one. In addition, Penny wants to make clear to Sheldon that he should have stood by Amy and defended her Sheldon gets the point and considers Amy's point of view

Howard is back at Bernadette's with his crates. She is happy that he has taken the step. When Howard talks about his mother and the joy that he caused his lonely mother, Bernadette is moved. Then she takes him by the hand and pulls him along. She wants to stay overnight at his mother's because Howard should not break the heart of his mother.

At night, Sheldon knocks at Will Wheaton's. He takes Wil to task for offending his girlfriend. Will does not take Sheldon's threats seriously, so Sheldon starts a fight When Wil apologises, Sheldon quickly bends over the porch -- and vomits.

This time he has invited Levar Burton. Still Amy criticizes him: he is even worse than Will Wheaton.