Strafe muss sein

The nerds are sitting in the apartment and playing cards. They are talking about the "Spider Man" theme song. Sheldon points out that "Spider Man" cannot do many of the things that a real spider can. Raj wants to change the subject and proposes a film festival. Howard must decline, however, because he has to go to dinner at Bernadette's parents'. He does not feel like it. In particular, he has not warmed up to his father-in-law. Sheldon recommends that he discuss an interesting topic with him, but when he makes suggestions, Howard is not allowed to steal them.

Sheldon knocks at Amy's and wants to take her to a funeral service. Amy, however, is ill. Sheldon wants to flee quickly, but he eventually feels remorse and wishes to take care of Amy.

Howard is sitting with his father-in-law on the sofa. He tries making small talk, but no real conversation develops. When Howard wishes to start a conversation with his mother-in-law, he also fails with her.

Sheldon takes Amy's temperature. He is disappointed that the fever is not going down within half an hour. He wants Amy to quickly recover with the placebo effect and a Tic Tac. When he wants to rub Amy's chest with an ointment, Amy pricks up her ears. She is hoping for a bit of body contact.

At dinner, Howard, Bernadette and her parents talk about her father's hobby. He is going fishing again on the weekend. Bernadette suggests that he take Howard along. Neither Howard nor her father seem enthusiastic, but they both accept.

When Howard comes into the apartment with Raj and Leonard, he is frantic. He has never been fishing and thinks he should be trained beforehand. They knock at Penny's and hope for her advice.

In the apartment, Penny first shows the boys how to put worms on the hook. Howard is sickened, but he does his best.

Meanwhile, Sheldon reads something aloud to Amy. At that moment, Bernadette knocks and asks about Amy. While Sheldon is drawing a bath, Amy lets Bernadette in on her secret: she is now healthy, but since Sheldon is taking such good care of her, she hasn't told him anything about it yet. She asks Bernadette for her silence.

Penny shows the boys how to gut the fish. However, the three of them immediately begin to gag. None of them have any experience with fishing, since their fathers didn't do such things.

Amy is dancing through her apartment when Sheldon comes back. At once she becomes sick Amy, but Sheldon is angry. He has secretly taken a swab from her mouth, and now he knows she is no longer sick. Amy apologizes, but Sheldon is hurt. He wants to punish Amy, and unfortunately he must lay her on his knees and spank her. Amy is, however, very fond of the idea.

Howard meets up with Bernadette's father. They both obviously are not in the mood. Howard admits to his father-in-law that the weekend probably isn't right for him, because in the end, he only wants to impress his father-in-law. Then his father-in-law proposes that they visit the Indian casino. Howard is sold, and the two set off. They seem to have finally found a link to one another.

Sheldon now wants to lay Amy over his knee. Amy quickly turns the music on. But as Sheldon begins to spank her, she starts to shout with glee.