Akt und Extrakt

Howard and Raj are dancing at the video game console in the shared apartment while Leonard watches them. He makes fun of both of them. Sheldon arrives and has a piece of news. He has invited Stephen Hawking to play the online game "Words with Friends," which is similar to Scrabble, and he accepted. He is blown away because with that he has been confirmed as a friend of Hawking. As they are talking Hawking begins the first round. Raj is unimpressed so he keeps dancing

Bernadette and Amy are visiting Penny. Bernadette finds a history book under Penny's sofa and Penny then tells them that she is attending a course at the community college. At the time, she had not completed college. Penny, however, does not want Leonard to find out about it, as he would make a big deal about it.

Sheldon is with Amy and playing with Hawking as well. He plans to crush Hawking completely. However, when Amy prompts him on a word, he is annoyed. But he can even this out with his own suggestion.

Penny has cooked for herself and Leonard. She tells him about her college course and Leonard immediately makes it into a big thing. He apologizes and inquires after its progression. Penny tells him about her first paper, which Leonard would just love to read.

Raj, Howard, and Sheldon are sitting in the shared apartment. While Howard and Raj talk about his American accent, Sheldon is unusually quiet. Stephen Hawking has not answered for three days since he defeated him. Howard makes it clear that Sheldon is not allowed to win against him because Hawking hates to lose. Sheldon reproaches himself.

Leonard is lying in bed with Penny. He is anxious, because he wants to read Penny's assignment before she hands it in. But to his horror it is terrible. Sheldon is still waiting for an answer from Hawking, when Leonard comes into the apartment. He feels guilty and wants to talk, but Sheldon is talking about his own problems at the same time. Leonard suggests that they use a chess clock to help them take turns describing their problems. But Sheldon is only interested in his problem and he stifles Leonard again and again. Leonard cuts off their discussion.

In the morning, Penny wakes up to breakfast in bed. In addition Leonard has revised her college assignment and hands it over to her. He is, however, afraid of her reaction. And as a matter of fact, Penny is pissed off.

In the cafeteria, Sheldon is afraid that Hawking is not going to answer. Raj and Howard encourage him. But then Hawking replies and Sheldon sets out to deliberately lose to appease Hawking.

Leonard gets a visit from Penny, who rubs his nose in the result from her college paper. She has received a B! She makes the announcement to him and goes back to her apartment. Amy and Bernadette are already there waiting for her. Penny wants the two of them to make a greater effort for her next assignment, so that she will get an 'A'. But the two have intentionally dumbed it down a little, so that it is believable. As Penny gets angry because of this remark, both of them draw back.

In the closing scene, Sheldon receives a call from Hawking. He thanks him for a good game and makes fun of Sheldon's defeat. He asks what Sheldon and a black hole have in common. Then he says that both Sheldon and a black hole suck. Leonard has a laughing attack, and Sheldon looks taken aback.