Das Eiersalat-Äquivalent

Sheldon and Leonard are playing giant Jenga in the apartment. Alex comes in at that moment and picks up Sheldon's recordings. Sheldon is recording his nightly activities because he hopes that great flashes of genius could be among them. Alex asks about Leonard's plans for the weekend and invites him to a lecture, but Leonard declines. He has a date with Penny. When she invites him to dinner, Leonard shakes too much with shock while holding a piece, and the whole tower falls over.

Howard, Leonard and Raj meet in the canteen for a meal. Leonard asks for advice. He does not know how he should react to Alex. He is not interested in her, but it is very flattering for him. Sheldon arrives. When he finds out that his assistant has a crush on Leonard, he wants to put a stop to it. After all, she is his assistant.

Sheldon meets Penny, Bernadette and Amy at Amy's house. He wants their advice. He changes the names of Leonard and Alex, but based on the parallels, the girls understand right away what is happening. Penny is angry, but for Sheldon it is not about Leonard. Rather, he is unsure how he, as a boss, should react. Bernadette suggests that Sheldon talk to her, but for Sheldon that is insufficient.

In the office Sheldon tries to have a discussion with Alex. He explains to her that she can't really do anything about her infatuation, because she is governed by her hormones. He draws comparisons with an egg salad sandwich. When he additionally provides her with material on STDs, she flees from the office.

Penny comes home and meets Leonard. She immediately accuses him about liking the extra attention from Alex. Leonard returns to the flat and complains to Sheldon about his having spoken to Penny. Sheldon then gets a summons from the human resources deparment. Alex has complained about him.

Sheldon arrives at the human resources department the next day. The head tries to make his misconduct clear to him. But Sheldon explains that even the boss is a slave of her desire. However, since the head is dark-skinned, this statement is very offensive.

Sheldon defends himself, saying that he is not the only one who has behaved badly. He tattles on the inappropriate statements and actions of his friends, and the head [of HR] eagerly writes down their names.

Leonard apologises to Penny with a small concert in front of the door. She accepts the apology, but she is still worried because Alex is more familiar with his work. Leonard tries to remove her insecurity and reassures her that he never got involved with Alex. Then he gets a call from the head of human resources.

At the same time, Howard and Raj are also summoned by the head of human resources.

The next day all three wait at the office for their appointment. The manager receives the three. Then Sheldon also arrives. He wants to make a complaint himself. He felt that he had been personally addressed by the head. So she takes Sheldon with them as well, and all four are invited into her office.

Later Sheldon apologises to Alex for his behaviour. Additionally he will take an online course about sexual harassment. However, since he has no time for it, he wants Alex to take the course for him.

Penny wants to overcome her insecurity. She has ordered herself nerd glasses and uses them to turn Leonard on. He immediately takes her into the bedroom.