Händchen halten, bitte!

The girls are sitting with Penny, and Bernadette is unwrapping her wedding gifts. They are discussing whether Amy and Penny will marry their boyfriends. While Amy is almost convinced of it, Penny does not agree. She is not sure and confesses that she is thinking about a breakup. She is bored with the relationship. However, Bernadette and Amy can't say they're in the same situation.

From the ISS, Howard is talking to the guys. At that moment a colleague reminds him that he has to clean the space toilet. Howard attempts to downplay this comment in front of his friends and ends the conversation.

Stuart knocks. Raj invited him to the movies, because he didn't want to go alone. Sheldon is skeptical, but because Stuart doesn't make crunching noises, he is allowed to come along.

The whole gang is sitting in the movie theater. Completely incidentally, Amy wants to hold hands with Sheldon. He is not excited about this at all. When he realizes that Penny doesn't do any of this, Amy tells him about their conversation. But Sheldon doesn't believe that Penny wants to break up. He doesn't understand how one cannot be sure. Amy demands that Sheldon stay silent.

At the apartment, Sheldon and Leonard are working on their laptops, while Sheldon is making annoying noises with his tongue. He believes he has tartar. Leonard agrees to take him to the doctor. Sheldon is plagued by a guilty conscience and wants to tell Leonard the truth, but he can't bring himself to do it. So, he tries to demonstrate his problem with the help of "Transformers." However, Leonard misunderstands him and thinks it's related to Amy and Sheldon.

Later Sheldon knocks on Penny's bedroom door. She is terribly startled. Sheldon wants to talk with her about Leonard's positive sides; however, Penny immediately suspects that Sheldon really wants something else. Penny is angry because he interfered. He tries to explain to her that his friend's relationship is important to him. Shortly before Penny kicks him out, Sheldon pleads with her not to hurt Leonard.

Afterwards, Penny calls Amy and accuses her of having spoken with Sheldon.

Bernadette is talking with Howard on the telephone. He tries not to let her know that he is having problems. Both colleagues constantly tease him and he is suffering because of it.

The boys are playing their fantasy card game with Stuart. Raj asks Sheldon and Leonard about their plans. He wants to go to a bar with Stuart. Sheldon encourages Leonard to come along and look for a new girl. However, Sheldon insists that he can find a better woman.

Penny and Leonard eat together and Penny seems distant. She must make a confession to Leonard, but she can't get a word out.

Later in a conversation with Amy and Bernadette she admits that she slept with Leonard - he had such sad eyes, she couldn't tell him.

Bernadette is speaking with Howard once again. He is happy that he is no longer being bullied after talking with his colleagues. However, he doesn't know that his face was painted with black ink like a raccoon and "F. Loops" is written on his forehead.