Die Date-Variable

Leonard, Sheldon and Raj are at the comic book store They are talking with Stuart about Howard, who is on the International Space Station. They think about what he is doing up there. On the ISS, Howard is chatting with his mother. She yells at him and accuses him of wanting to move in together with Bernadette when he returns home. Howard happens to have this embarrassing conversation in front of the NASA and he gets rid of her.

Meanwhile in Penny's apartment Amy is bleaching her mustache. Amy is happy about the coming evening, because she and Sheldon have the anniversary of their first date and in accordance with their agreement, they will be having a nice dinner. Amy inquires about Penny and Leonard's relationship But it is always tense ever since Leonard's proposal.

In the cafeteria Sheldon and Leonard discuss the anthropic principle. Raj comes in and invites the two of them to a spa evening. But the boys decline his offer. Sheldon, however, invites him to accompany him and Amy to dinner. He doesn't see any conflict in that with the relationship agreement.

Howard receives a call from Bernadette, who has just had a conversation with his mother. She is angry because Howard has not told his mother anything yet about the planned move. Howard tries to make excuses, but Bernadette will not let herself be mollified. She wants the problem with his mother settled

Amy meets Sheldon in the restaurant and is puzzled when Raj also appears. But she can do nothing if Sheldon has found a loophole in the agreement.

While the three of them select from the menu, Amy reproaches Sheldon for having brought Raj. Only then does Raj learn that this is the couple's anniversary, and he orders champagne -- for all three!

Penny and Leonard want to spend the night together. Leonard has prepared snacks and would like to watch the football game with her. Apropos of nothing, he brings up the topic of their relationship, but Penny is immediately annoyed and does not want to talk about it. Then there is knocking and Raj comes in. He did not want to disturb Sheldon and Amy any longer, and therefore came to the apartment. Leonard wants to get rid of him, but Penny invites him to come in.

Howard receives another call from his mother. Now Howard has to explain to her that he wants to move out. But his mother is immediately shocked, and Howard, already buckling, promises to talk to Bernadette. At the end of the conversation she is angry because she did not receive a postcard.

Raj, Penny and Leonard are sitting on the sofa While Raj feels comfortable, Leonard would prefer to get rid of him. He wants to talk to Penny in peace. Raj misunderstands and tries to mediate between the two. Finally, he urges Penny to declare her love for Leonard--shortly afterwards, he is flying out of the apartment.

In the restaurant Amy and Sheldon are now undisturbed and Amy makes merciless advances on Sheldon. However, he reacts with his usual reserve. Amy has enough and wants to go. She finally wants to hear something heartfelt from Sheldon. Sheldon opens up and explains his feelings to her. Amy is touched and ignores that his quote comes from Spider-Man.

Raj comes into the comic book store. On the spur of the moment, Stuart invites him to have a drink, and he puts on music. Both of them dance and dream. Then they become aware of the awkwardness of the situation, and Raj quickly leaves. But they plan to meet the next day at the movie theater.

Bernadette calls Howard. He tells her that he has made it clear to his mother that he's moving. Bernadette is happy. When Howard hangs up, he tells his colleagues that he cannot go back home any more.