The Cooper/Kripke Inversion

The boys and Penny are sitting in the apartment eating, while Sheldon is still working on his white board. Raj shows them a website where you can produce your own action figure by sending an appropriate picture. But Sheldon is not interested, and Penny forbids Leonard to get such an action figure. Therefore only Howard and Raj stay.

Sheldon is working on a formula in his office. Then Kripke comes in and has bad news. They have both submitted applications to use the fusion reactor and the university only granted one, and therefore they have to work together. Sheldon is horrified.

Leonard visits Howard in the laboratory. Raj comes too. He has the special ordered action figures with him. Leonard is horrified when he hears that they cost $500 per action figure. But Howard says that Raj has enough money anyway, and he has a well-earning woman. However the action figures only slightly resemble the boys, and they are disappointed. Leonard is glad that Penny has forbidden him to get one.

Penny and Leonard return from an evening at the movies. They can already hear the imperial march in front of the door, announcing Sheldon's bad mood. They want to talk to him, but he is mad. He tells about the university that is forcing him to work with Kripke.

The next day Kripke comes by because they both want to exchange their work. Sheldon hesitates to give him his documents, but he can't get around it and hands over his work.

Raj is looking for Howard in the lab. He has an idea for how they can get real action figures. He wants to order a 3D printer. Howard is immediately delighted at the idea.

Amy visits Sheldon and tells him about her work. But Sheldon is absent minded. He read Kripke's work and it is completely superior to his. He is unable to work in response and Amy comforts him.

The next day Sheldon does not want to go to work, but Leonard convinces him to take on Kripke. Howard and Raj have gotten their printer and are waiting eagerly in front of it. And then their first product is finished: a whistle. And this only took 3 hours. Howard scans Raj's posture to begin printing the action figure.

Kripke confronts Sheldon about his work. But he believes it is because Sheldon is constantly getting laid by Amy. He understands, but wants Sheldon to concentrate more.

Howard comes home and surprises Bernadette with an action figure of himself and herself. She is overjoyed, but when she hears about the printer and the price of $5000, she is mad. She reproaches him and want him to return his share of the printer.

Sheldon has told Penny and Leonard about his conversation with Kripke. He wants Leonard to keep his mouth shut. Then Penny asks if he would ever like to sleep with Amy, and Sheldon says it is a possibility. Penny is ecstatic.

Howard wants to give Raj his half of the printer back. And he has no access to the account anymore.

Sheldon and Kripke are working the the office. Kripke asks about Sheldon's activities last night. He wants details, and Sheldon has to answer his indiscreet questions with lies. Kripke believes everything and thinks he's a genius.