The Contractual Obligation Implementation

Leonard, Howard and Sheldon are sitting in the apartment together. They are deliberating over a clause in their work contracts stating that they have to serve on a university committee. They are supposed to encourage women towards a career in science. While Leonard is all for it, Howard and Sheldon are not interested. Leonard insists, but the other two leave him alone with his thoughts, preferring to play video games.

Sheldon criticizes Leonard's thoughts on how to attract more women to science. Leonard challenges him to make some suggestions. Sheldon gives him the idea of getting girls interested in science at school, and not just in college. Howard proposes asking his old school whether the three of them can have a conversation with the female students. Sheldon wants to look up the subject on the internet, but the boys are able to put a stop to his dubiously-phrased Google search.

At Penny's, the girls are sitting together with Raj. Raj needs advice because he wants to go out with Lucy for the first time. Bernadette suggests a visit to Disneyland. He is doubtful, but the girls think the idea is great, and they decide to take a day off and go to Disneyland as a threesome. Raj reminds them that he needs a piece of advice, but the others have moved on to their own plans.

Howard has managed it: They may give a presentation at his old school. But the hallway of his old school also reminds him of the difficult times when he was bullied and pushed into his locker.

The girls are on their way to Disneyland. Amy describes how she tricked her boss. Bernadette wants, first of all, to get a make-over in Disneyland. She explains how it works, but when Amy and Penny become interested in the character of Cinderella, Bernadette gets angry. She explains that she had the idea and thus is Cinderella.

Raj approaches a guy in the library and wants him to move. He has arranged to meet Lucy there, because she avoids contact with other people. Then he starts a date with her via text messaging. She likes that.

At the school, Leonard is trying to inspire the girls. But the girls react with little interest. Then Sheldon speaks, and he also fails to appeal to the girls. Next comes Howard, who wants to inspire them with his trip to space. He, too, is a flop. Leonard delivers his lecture last. But even his easygoing nature does not shine through either.

Lucy and Raj keep texting messages to each other during their date. They are talking about Lucy's work.

Leonard has talked himself into a rage, and Howard and Sheldon want to cancel the lecture. Finally, Sheldon wants to say a few words. He wants the girls to hear from other successful women of science, and he gets Amy and Bernadette on the phone. They are with Penny in Disneyland, all dressed up as Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. They tell the girls encouragingly that they can become anything they want.

Lucy's battery is empty, so she now has to make conversation with Raj. She thanks him for the date, and wants to say goodbye quickly. She then wants to give him a quick kiss, but shortly before that she has a panic attack and flees.

Howard comes home and calls out for Bernadette. He hopes she will come into the living room as Cinderella. When she does in fact show up as Cinderella, he is ecstatic and immediately rushes to her.

Leonard visits Penny, wanting to ask her about her day. Then he sees the costume and before she can explain everything to him, Leonard is already beginning to undress.

Amy has lain down on Sheldon's couch, waiting for the kiss that will awaken her. When she asks him for it, Sheldon only says that he already heard her the first time, and he remains quietly seated in front of his laptop.