The Closure Alternative

Sheldon is sitting on the couch and is annoyed that a film has been taped over. He suspects Penny, but she denies it and wants Leonard to help her out of trouble. She can't take any more of Sheldon's shortcomings. Leonard proposes to delete the series "Alphas" since the series is cancelled. Sheldon is shocked and wants to call the Sci-Fi-Channel to complain.

Howard has installed a surveillance camera at Raj's place. Raj wants to use it to watch his dog while he is at work. Meanwhile, Raj has found a blog by Lucy, and he has also found an entry about himself. Howard encourages him to continue reading, but Raj does not want to snoop around in her private life.

Leonard goes over to Penny with a surprise for her. He is bringing her the first season of "Buffy", since he thinks this is the perfect series for both of them.

Meanwhile, Sheldon, disguised as a manager, calls the Sci-Fi-Network and wants to undo the cancellation of "Alphas". But he is dismissed. Amy suspects that Sheldon has a pathological problem with conclusions. Sheldon denies this.

Raj tells Howard that he has read Lucy's blog. It said in it, that she finds him feminine. Howard does not think this is bad, but rather thinks that Raj should take advantage of it.

Leonard and Penny have watched Buffy, but Penny didn't enjoy it. Leonard is annoyed and Penny wants to console him and watch another episode.

Amy wants to try a series of tests to condition Sheldon's brain, so that his problem with conclusions will subside. But even on the first attempt with "Tic Tac Toe", Sheldon is on the verge of flipping out when Amy abruptly ends the game.

Penny and Bernadette have watched an episode of "Buffy". Penny doesn't understand why Leonard left and asks Bernadette her opinion Penny wishes that she could also be so enthusiastic for things. Bernadette wants to help her find out which things those are.

Raj needs advice from Howard. He has a date with Lucy and wants to appear manly. He has to decide between a football and a hockey jersey. Then Lucy knocks and Raj asserts that he has a dangerous dog that will bite off her face.

Amy continues her study. It is clear that, at every single attempt, Sheldon is struggling with not being able to finish it. Sheldon is pissed off.

Raj chats with Lucy and he tries to showcase his masculinity. But Lucy notices that something is different and wants to flee Here Raj has to tell the truth and explains that he has read the blog.

Enthusiastically, Penny tells Leonard that she has figured out something: it's Leonard. And because of him her life is exciting and great. Leonard asks if now they'll watch more series and go to ComicCons. But Penny replies, that she only had an epiphany and not a stroke.

Sheldon says goodbye to Amy, and she is proud of Sheldon's perseverance. But Amy has scarcely left when Sheldon recreates all the tests and brings them to a conclusion.

In the closing scene Sheldon makes a phone call to Bruce Miller, who wrote the season finale of "Alphas". He wants to find out the ending. When it is actually revealed to him, Sheldon thinks it's so bad that he now believes the cancellation of the series was the correct decision.