The Closet Reconfiguration

Howard is surprised by Bernadette while cleaning up. Unfortunately he has another definition of cleaning and just stuffs everything into the storeroom. Their friends are invited for dinner but Howard thinks that they will not look into this closet anyway. He advises her to show it to Sheldon, if Bernadette is disturbed with the disorder. Sheldon is so organised, that he labels everything in his apartment, even the label machine. But Bernadette hesitates to show it to him.

As the friends arrive, Bernadette makes it clear to Sheldon that she went shopping at the Asian market specially for him. But Sheldon has already brought his own bag. Bernadette is angry and she asks Howard to show the closet to Sheldon.

The group is sitting together eating. Sheldon comes in and asks how Howard would like his things sorted. Penny warns that he should be spending the evening with Amy, but allegedly this doesn't disturb him.

Leonard wants to pick Sheldon up, and drive him home. But Sheldon wants to stay a little longer. Howard offers to take him home. Bernadette comes into the room and is enthusiastic. Sheldon is holding a letter from Howard's father in his hand and doesn't know where to put it. But Howard doesn't want to know anything about the letter and quickly takes Sheldon home.

On the way home Leonard establishes how Howard has grown up. Penny is very pleased with the evening and Leonard proposes they organize another evening like that themselves.

Howard can't sleep. He is thinking about the letter. Bernadette encourages him to read the letter. But Howard won't give his father a chance. He burns the letter.

The girls are sitting together at Penny's place. Bernadette explains about the burned letter and they are all curious. Finally Penny suggests that they ask Sheldon about the contents. They catch him in the laundry room. Sheldon refuses at first, but in the end tells them about the contents.

Raj and Leonard are sitting in the apartment and planning Leonard's dinner party, when Sheldon returns. He says that he had to disclose the letter to the girls. He also tells the boys after a short discussion about it.

The dinner party is taking place and everyone is dressed up and waiting for Howard and Bernadette. Just in front of the door, she tells him that Sheldon has told them about the letter. Howard is angry and leaves again.

In the closet, Howard is looking at old photos. Bernadette comes and apologizes. Together they look at pictures. Bernardette wants to pick up Howard to surprise him.

His friends are waiting for him in the living room. They have come up with an idea, because Howard doesn't know whether he wants to know about the contents of the letter or not. Therefore, each of them contributes a version of what was in the letter. Only one of them is true and Howard doesn't know which one it is. The versions vary from a birthday card and a treasure map up to a photo of his birth. Howard is moved and thanks them. They all go back into the flat to carry on the party.

In the apartment everyone celebrates except one. Sheldon comes in. He has been rummaging at Penny's wardrobe and found a dead goldfish. When he thinks he has found a "battery operated bone", she sends him across again quickly.