The Bon Voyage Reaction

Raj, Leonard, and Sheldon are sitting in the cafeteria together. Raj is talking about Lucy, and Leonard asks if they couldn't get a chance to meet her. But Raj says that it would be too much for her. Howard comes with news for Leonard: Stephen Hawking is sending a team to an expedition to the North Sea. And Howard has recommended Leonard for the team. Leonard is pleased but Sheldon has doubts about the decision.

On the way home, Sheldon tells Leonard statistics on drowning. Leonard however, sees through him: Sheldon is afraid to be alone Thus Leonard decided to take part in the expedition. After Sheldon brings the fact of being away from Penny, Leonard stops.

Raj shows Lucy the ISS on the telescope. Lucy is impressed. Raj suggests to Lucy that she meet his friends, but Lucy is unsure. And so Raj says, she should meet just one of his friends first.

Penny eats with Leonard that evening. There Leonard tells her about the planned expedition. However, Leonard is concerned that the long separation could change something about the relationship. Penny calms him down and encourages him to go on the expedition. Leonard also asks Penny to take care of Sheldon a bit.

The group is sitting together at a meal and are talking about a goodbye party for Leonard. Raj tells the others that he would like to introduce one of them to Lucy. Amy suggests herself, because as a former outsider she'd be right

Amy sits together with Raj and Lucy and they chat. But Raj always talks in between and puts Lucy under pressure with his stories. Lucy flees to the toilet.

Sheldon and Penny are shopping for Leonard's farewell party. Sheldon does not understand why Penny is supporting Leonard's plans. Penny recognizes from his remarks that he's jealous of Leonard. She tries to explain, that he should be happy for Leonard.

Raj is chatting with Lucy and wants to apologise for Amy. However Lucy thinks that Raj made a mistake. Raj invites her to Leonard's party and Lucy reluctantly agrees.

At the party, Howard can't stop himself from mentioning that space is a much bigger adventure than the North Sea. Sheldon brings a toast to Leonard with a patronizing smile. Raj receives a text from Lucy breaking up with him. Raj flees to the toilet.

Penny and Sheldon take Leonard to the airport. Penny and Leonard say goodbye while Sheldon is nervous, because they are in the red zone.

Penny knocks at Raj's door and sees him shortly after. Raj is sad and Penny tries to comfort him. When he declares himself unloveable, she thinks that it's just the booze talking. But Raj is stone-cold sober! They are both taken aback and fall into each other's arms with joy.

Raj sits with the girls in Penny's flat. He talks continuously. The girls wait to see if he stops, but he just continues talking.