Man lernt nie aus

Sheldon is smoothing out his Star Trek costume in the apartment. Penny brings them makeup sponges and is amazed by his makeup. But this is Leonard's special Comic Con makeup, which not even Penny is allowed to use. She does not understand why the boys have to go to Bakersfield again so soon after the last Comic Con Leonard quickly takes a picture of himself and Penny as proof to the others.

The girls meet to have brunch in a restaurant. They talk about the boys, who were very excited before they set off to the Convention. Amy suspects that their enthusiasm about superheroes lies in their difficult childhoods. Bernadette suggests that they should all read comic books once, in order to better understand the boys.

On the way, Sheldon is urging Leonard to turn on the GPS. As he does this, he hears Sheldon's voice. He has recorded his voice on an MP3 and loaded this to the GPS. Not only does he inform the boys about the route, but also about further details. As Raj notices that they're near Vasquez Rocks, where a couple of Star Trek episodes were filmed, they quickly decide to go there and make a video in their costumes.

The girls enter the comic book store and they immediately draw all attention to themselves. They want to get advice from Stuart, as they don't know what they should buy.

The boys are now wearing makeup and preparing for their shoot. When they want to make a video after a few pictures, they do not notice how in the background Leonard's car is being stolen. They are left without their things, wearing their costumes. They are now trying to flag down a car, but because of their costumes nobody will take them. They decide to press forwards.

In Penny's apartment, the girls have read their first comic book, "Thor". . . They are chatting about it, but they are not enthusiastic about it. But they get into a discussion about Thor's Hammer, and as they cannot reach a conclusion themselves, they decide to read the comic once again.

The boys are walking along the street and they are sweating in their costumes. Sheldon wants to encourage the others, but when someone throws a drink on his costume in passing, his patience has reached its limit.

The girls argue now not only about Mjölnir, but also about weightlessness in space. They want to go back over to the apartment and look in the boys' books for evidence.

At the same time, the boys enter a bar, where they are observed critically. They call the police to report the car theft They tell him about the Comic Con. When Howard has organized a car rental hrough his mother, Raj still wants to go to the convention. But the other ones just want to go home.

In the apartment, the girls have rummaged through all the comic books. But they don't find an answer for their questions about Thor.

As the boys come to the door, they hear the girls arguing inside. They can hardly believe what they hear. They believe they have landed in a parallel world and storm into the apartment with their phasers.

In the final scene, one sees the car thieves who are eagerly following Sheldon's orders from the GPS They are enthusiastic about his quiz.