Such Dir eine Inderin!

The four boys are playing Dungeons & Dragons. Leonard is talking to Howard about the wedding plans and mentions how convenient it is for him that Priya lives in India. Meanwhile Raj is eating up a whole cake. He says that he has nobody anyway for whom he would have to look good. Leonard suspects that he has watched Bridget Jones' Diary again. Sheldon wants to refocus the attention on the game, but Raj's mood has passed.

The three girls are hanging out at Penny's, waxing their arms. They have sympathy for Raj, as he has no partner, and wonder who could be a suitable one.

The boys are sitting in the Cheesecake Factory and Sheldon has his dice from Dungeons & Dragons with him. In the future, he wants to roll the dice for his decisions, and thus for his food. Penny asks Howard for a short conversation, while Sheldon arranges for his meal. Penny and Howard come back with a young woman named Emily. Raj panics at first, but Penny explains to him that Emily is hearing impaired. That relieves him, but unfortunately he can't understand her and Howard has to translate for him. Raj makes a date with her.

In a cafe, Raj is having his first date with Emily. Howard is there as his translator. He translates for both. The two understand each other well and Howard, after hours of explaining, is tired and doesn't feel like it anymore. Raj and Emily kiss goodbye, and Raj is very proud of himself.

Penny compliments Sheldon on his new Schnauzer. This is also a result of rolling a die. In the same way, he is also making decisions concerning his job. When Penny asks about Raj and Emily, Howard explains that Raj bought her expensive earrings and has given her a leased car. Penny questions if Emily has bad intentions. Sheldon explains to the others that Raj's family is very rich and therefore he can absolutely afford it. Leonard leaves right away and calls Priya on the phone. Penny, however, would like to speak with Raj.

Penny and Howard want to speak with Emily at the gym. They explain to her the fear that Raj is being exploited, so Emily gets mad and disappears. Shortly after, Raj knocks at Penny's and gives her a dressing down. Penny wants to talk to him alone. She tells him that it has nothing to do with love if you get gifts for love.

Raj gives his Emily a necklace with a ruby. Then his parents get in touch via Skype. They heard from Penny about Raj buying presents for his girlfriend and force him to choose, either his girlfriend or continued support from his parents. Raj decides in favor of his girlfriend, and tells her that he has to return the car and the necklace. But he does not mind, because they still have their love for each other.

Shortly after he is sitting at Penny's and letting her comfort him, because Emily broke up with him.

The group is eating at the Cheesecake Factory. When Penny brings the check, the boys thank Raj in advance for the invitation, and Penny reminds him that he should give a good tip, because she knows of his wealth.