Kuscheln mit dem Gürteltier

Leonard sits Sheldon down at the barber's. But unfortunately he has to find out that his hairdresser, Mr.

D'Onofrio, is in the hospital. The hairdresser's nephew offers to cut his hair himself as an exception, but Sheldon doesn't believe that he can do his haircut correctly. After all, he does not have Sheldon's haircut records. Sheldon can't bring himself to do it and leaves the shop.

At dinner in the apartment, Sheldon is pointedly blowing his hair off his forehead. Then Howard comes in and shows them his marching orders from NASA for astronaut training. When Sheldon continues to be annoyed by his hair, Penny offers to cut it. But Sheldon emphatically declines that.

Sheldon is at Amy's for their communal singing evening. Amy plays the harp, but Sheldon is distracted. He is looking for a new barber, but nobody has come forward. When Amy suggests that he let his hair grow, he is indignant.

Howard's astronaut training has begun and he tells Bernadette about his first day over Skype. It has gone badly for him and the others have mocked him. He orders underwear from Bernadette, because he fears he will need extra for a new test tomorrow.

Sheldon visits his barber, Mr. D'Onofrio, at the hospital He is not conscious and does not realize that Sheldon is trying to bring him back by making snipping noises. A nurse comes in and calls security when Sheldon tells her about it.

Penny and Leonard are playing chess. As Penny has just won her first game, Sheldon comes in. He doesn't even care where Penny is sitting. Sheldon's entire orderly routine is disrupted by his overdue haircut and he now wants to change everything.

Bernadette skypes Howard after he has returned from his survival training. He has slept in a foxhole, is dehydrated, has eaten a butterfly and is completely distraught. Bernadette is worried, but Howard calms her down and only asks for more underwear.

At night Leonard is awakened by a drum. Sheldon is playing his bongos in the living room. Leonard wants to send him to bed, but instead Sheldon takes his bongos to the stairwell.

The next morning Penny and Leonard find him at Amy's on the sofa. Penny wants to bring this to a conclusion and cut Sheldon's hair. Sheldon finally agrees.

Sheldon finally has his hair cut in Penny's apartment.

Eventually Penny is shaving the nape of his neck, but when Sheldon cringes, she shaves a bit too high in the haircut. Quickly she sends Sheldon home and decides that she will now have to move.