Raj challenges Howard and Leonard to play the new Star Wars game on the weekend. It should be a marathon with junk food and sleeping bags. The three are on fire. They tell Sheldon the idea, and he is immediately delighted. Amy thwarts him because they both are invited to her aunt's birthday. Since she has complied with the Relationship Agreement, she insists on his coming.

In the comic book store, Sheldon asks Stuart for a suitable gift for Amy's 93 year old aunt. But his recommendations fall flat. Howard encourages him to tell Amy that he doesn't want to go. To tease him about it, he shows Sheldon his new whip app.

Meanwhile, Leonard tells Penny about the weekend plans. But Penny does not care what he does, and that does not seem OK to him. Then Sheldon, who wants to get Penny to talk to Amy, knocks. She should convince Amy to release Sheldon from the birthday. But Penny refuses.

By the time Amy wants to drive off with Sheldon, he has looked for another solution. He has his laptop and headset so that he can play with the guys at the birthday. Amy is mad and throws Sheldon out. Sheldon is pleased with himself and goes back to the guys.

Leonard, Sheldon and Raj prepare everything for the game. Then Howard comes in and admits to the three that Bernadette also wants to participate. Sheldon gets his revenge with the whip app.

Amy shows up at Penny's and complains about Sheldon. It was assumed at the birthday that she just made up her boyfriend, like she did before. She would've been only too glad to introduce Sheldon to them.

Next door, the guys and Bernadette are playing Star Wars. Meanwhile, Amy and Penny start a drinking game. But Amy throws the coins so well that Penny must drink several cups. Amy gets tips from Penny on how to punish Sheldon for his behavior. She suggests that she make a scene.

She immediately walks over to Sheldon and scolds him in front of his friends. Penny, a little bit drunk, offers encouragement. Sheldon understands what it means to her and givers her some of his Cooper coupons. Amy would like to redeem one right away and go with him to the Science Center. Raj is upset because the weekends aren't as they used to be. Back then, they had no girlfriends. It also bothers him that Sheldon has a girlfriend before he does. Then the girls go over to Penny's and the guys play alone.

The next morning there is a knock at the door. It is Howard's mother, summoning him home. With the app, Sheldon sends a whiplash sound after him.