Die Urlaubs-Diktatur

The boys are in the cafeteria. Sheldon has devised an idea about how to get young people interested in science. And admittedly, with a physics language game But only he seems to find the result funny. President Siebert comes up to them. He forces Sheldon to finally take a holiday. But Sheldon is against it; he does not need a vacation. President Siebert, however, remains strong and so Sheldon is forced to vacate.

Leonard drives alone to work. Finally he can turn on the radio aloud. But with that he is startled as Sheldon takes a seat in the back. He wants to work secretly on the university campus.

Amy, Penny and Bernadette sit together and prepare the wedding invitations. Bernadette tells them that her father demands that she sign a prenuptial agreement, as her salary is much higher than Howard's. She does not know how she should explain it to him.

The boys sit together in the living room while eating. Together they decide what Sheldon should do with his Vacation. But Sheldon still does not want to come to terms with the holiday. Then Sheldon has the idea to work with Amy in the laboratory.

Penny runs into Leonard in the hallway. She tells him about Bernadette's prenup.

Sheldon is in Amy's laboratory. He is looking forward to the work. But as Amy condemns him for cleaning, Sheldon gets huffy. After all he still has a Tamagochi from 1998 and it is still alive.

Leonard tells Raj in the cafeteria about the prenuptial contract. Then Howard enters and Leonard plucks up his courage. He tells about the contract. Howard is confused and pretends to understand for Bernadette.

It gets more difficult for Sheldon in the laboratory. Amy finds out that he does not clean the glasses sufficiently. He makes allegations towards Amy that she is intentionally keeping him down because he actually performs better than she does. However, when she then challenges him with a small task for the brain, he cuts himself and faints.

Sheldon meets Howard by chance in the bar of the Cheesecake Factory. Penny sees them and gives them both a clear announcement. She has already received information from their girlfriends.

Sheldon comes into the laboratory and is quite sheepish. He apologizes in his own way for his behavior, but Amy wants to hear a proper apology. As Sheldon actually succeeds, he is allowed to clean glasses in the laboratory again.

Bernadette and Howard also reconcile again. Howard suggests talking to Bernadette's father, as he is pressuring them about of the contract. Bernadette makes it clear to him that her father is a truly difficult person and you have to be very careful what you say. Howard suggests speaking to him in May. At that time he will be at the International Space Station.