Traum mit Spock

Penny and the nerds are eating in the apartment. Sheldon draws Penny's attention to the fact that her food costs nothing because she regularly eats with the boys. Howard reminds Raj to RSVP to the wedding, since the planning of the seating arrangements is in progress. Raj says that he is bringing a plus one, but when everyone asks him about her, he avoids the question.

Raj is skyping with his parents. He would like to ask for their support in his search for a spouse. They are sold on his proposal and want to help him.

Sheldon is working on his research as Penny comes in. She has thought about Sheldon's comment while they were eating, and would like to give Leonard and Sheldon something. Each gets an original Lego Star Trek Transporter. They boys are delighted, but when Penny encourages them to take the transporters out of the box, they are horrified. This originally packed Transporter is not to play with; otherwise they will lose their value.

Bernadette and Howard intend to set Raj up with a blind date. As his date, Laskme, comes, he is sold and thinks about a double wedding.

Sheldon has a dream, in which Spock speaks to him. He urges Sheldon to play with the transporter. He refuses at first, but in the end, Sheldon cannot hold back. When he wakes up, he goes into the living room, opens the package, and sticks his Spock action figure into the transporter. Unfortunately this immediately breaks it, and Sheldon is shocked. However, he sees Leonard's package...

Raj has a visit from Laksme. Both of their parents are very hopeful that they form a solid partnership, which they try to achieve. Laksme makes an unexpected confession to Raj; she is a lesbian and is looking for a man with whom she can have a marriage of convenience. Raj is just right for her, since everyone in India thinks he's gay anyway.

Sheldon is now lying in bed, and has another dream about Spock. Spock makes him feel guilty, because he has replaced his broken toy with Leonard's. But Sheldon remains obstinate.

Raj picks up Howard from the laboratory to go eat. He tells Howard of the planned sham marriage with Laksme. Howard points out to Raj that this sham marriage has no upside for him other than getting his parents off his back.

Sheldon is sitting at his desk. He can not decide whether or not to give Leonard his Transporter back. Penny and Leonard come in and Sheldon panics when Penny takes the package in her hand. She encourages Leonard to open the Transporter and they discover the broken toy. When Penny proposes to bring the Transporter back, Sheldon confesses that broken transporter is his fault.

Raj has Bernadette and Howard over. They want to appeal to his conscience once more. As a replacement for his sham wife they brought in a small Yorkshire Terrier. Raj is thrilled and wants to put it in his man purse immediately.