Sex auf der Waschmaschine?

Once again, the guys are sitting together in the cafeteria. Sheldon asks the others which organism they would merge with if they were a lichen. In his opinion, he'd join with the lichen itself, so that he could be an algae, a mushroom, and human at the same time.

Raj brings the topic to Howard's bachelor party. Howard has promised Bernadette that there would be no strippers. However, since he is the first of the group to get married, in the guys' opinion the party should be something special.

Leonard tells Penny about the party in the evening. They will have an informal meal and drinks in a restaurant.

Upon arrival, Leonard and Sheldon are very impressed by the fine restaurant. Sheldon even drinks alcohol. Wil Wheaton and even Stuart arrive. They would like to bring some support for Leonard. When Howard comes in and everyone sings for him, Barry interrupts and asks where the strippers are.

Amy is writing down the wedding plans in Penny's apartment. They are packing small gifts for the guests and Amy asks for racy details of the upcoming wedding night. Bernadette tells them that she will take Howard's name as her second last name.

As a welcome, Sheldon has a few jokes prepared for the group, all of which are at Howard's expense. But the others do not find this amusing. Even Leonard gives a speech and tells a few anecdotes from their "wild" years. Stuart wishes him well and feels sorry about his less successful life. When it's Barry's turn, he demands strippers once again. Lastly, Raj gives his speech. He tells about their shared experiences and talks out of hand about Howard's affairs with women. Howard tries to stop him, but Raj cannot be stopped. Wil Wheaton has recorded the entire speech with his cell phone and informs them that it's now online for viewing.

As Bernadette picks up Howard and Raj, she is very withdrawn. She presents Howard with a short excerpt of Raj's speech, which she randomly found online. Raj would like to get out immediately, but Bernadette demands an explanation from both of them.

Bernadette lets herself be comforted by Amy and Penny. She doesn't know anymore what she should make of Howard. She accuses Penny of not warning her of what kind of guy Howard is.

Howard tries to reach Bernadette on the telephone in order to apologize. The boys attempt to cheer him up again. They search for a solution to get Howard to bend again.

Howard knocks at Bernadette's and wants to talk to her, but she doesn't want to see him. Howard tells Penny how Bernadette straightened him out. Bernadette has heard his speech and comes out of the bathroom. She reconciles with him.

In the closing scene, Penny is in the laundry room as Leonard comes in. He wants to have sex right away on the washing machine, but Penny orders him to help her with the laundry instead.