Das Speckerman-Trauma

Sheldon and Leonard are sitting in the flat as Penny comes in. Sheldon has changed the Wi-Fi password. Leonard tells them that he has received a message from a high school classmate. This classmate wants to go for a drink with him. Leonard is not really sure what this guy wants from him, after all this guy named Jimmy Speckerman had bullied him back then.

At night, in the kitchen, Leonard runs into Sheldon, who is watching the Nobel Prize award ceremony. He asks why Leonard is staying up. Leonard cannot sleep because of Jimmy Speckerman. He decides to stand up to him and tell him what he thinks. He no longer wants to live in fear.

The girls search though Penny's wardrobe. Bernadette says that Raj, Howard, and Sheldon are going with Leonard to his meeting with Jimmy. Bernadette and Amy talk about their own bullying experience in the high school. Penny insists she never saw any bullying, but when she tells about her own pranks, the other two are horrified. Penny was a nasty bully.

The boys wait in a bar for Jimmy Speckerman. Leonard wants to demand an apology for everything. When Jimmy Speckerman comes, Leonard asks him his reason for contacting him.

Jimmy needs Leonard to implement a business idea he has. When he mentions that Leonard was the cleverest of them, Sheldon explodes. He scolds Jimmy and hands him a list of rotten things he did to Leonard. Jimmy is shocked, he thought it had been in fun. The four boys leave the bar.

Bernadette and Amy have brought Penny so far as to call her former bullying victims But nobody accepts her apology. Bernadette tells her that she herself feels better when she does something good Amy proposes that she donate some clothes. Penny is delighted.

The boys are again in the flat. Jimmy comes knocking, drunk, and apologises for his attacks on Leonard. Leonard accepts the apology and invites him in. Sheldon proposes that they offer him a place for the night and in revenge for his bullying, strangle him. That sounds like a bad idea to the others.

As Penny, Bernadette and Amy put the old clothes to give away in a container, Penny discovers some clothes that she once liked. Without further ado, she continues to dig around in the container.

In the next morning Jimmy wakes up on the sofa. As Leonard thanks him for his apology, Jimmy knows nothing of it anymore. He insults Leonard again. Consequently, Leonard wants to throw him out of the apartment, but Jimmy is too big and too strong. He and Sheldon run out of the flat.

In the evening the girls again rummage through a container of clothing. Penny is overcome by her guilty conscience and she puts the things she's taken back. However, Bernadette snatches a pair of boots and shouts that she deals with the poor.