Kinder? Nein danke!

In the apartment, Howard shows Leonard and Raj a few magic tricks. He is rehearsing for a performance at his cousin's birthday party. Sheldon, however, does not think much of the tricks. In his opinion, the children's abilities are negatively affected for later on in life. When Howard conjures up a coin behind his ear, he doesn't find it very funny. Since childhood, he still has a coin in his nose.

Amy and Sheldon are sitting at the Cheesecake Factory to eat. It is the monthly evening on which they, according to the terms of the relationship agreement, go out to eat. Amy tells Sheldon that she will appear on the next cover of "Neuron." But Sheldon shows little interest in that and would rather talk about his Twitter followers. When Amy goes to the bathroom, Penny tells him her opinion. He should be more enthusiastic about her interests.

Howard is rummaging in his magic tools. His mother has even sewn him and Bernadette two glittering vests. Bernadette intends to support Howard as assistant, but she is skeptical. She cannot handle children well. But Howard persuades her.

Sheldon is playing on the console. Leonard asks him about his problem. Sheldon is uneasy concerning his relationship. Leonard advises him to speak with Amy, but that makes Sheldon angry. Leonard suggests he should buy something for Amy as an apology.

Howard and Bernadette finish their magic show. While Howard is demonstrating his tricks, the children are bored and would rather eat cakes. Bernadette scolds the kids. In the meantime Howard's last trick completely fails.

On the way home, Bernadette explains why she cannot get along well with kids. She had to support her mother with the upbringing of her siblings and since then she can not stand children.

Penny and Sheldon are looking for a gift for Amy Sheldon gets advice in the jewelry store. He looks at a bracelet and finds out that there is a special offer on it. As a result of this, he would like to negotiate about a pocket watch which he would like to buy for himself.

Howard is depressed because of Bernadette's problem with kids. He asks Leonard and Raj for advice. Leonard advises him by no means to abandon Bernadette , as she is the right woman for him.

Sheldon and Penny await Amy in Penny's apartment. Sheldon apologizes sincerely and Penny presents her with the gift. It is a tiara. Amy is completely beside herself and acts like a princess. She hugs Sheldon.

Bernadette brings the vest back to Howard. In addition, she has a solution for her problem with children. Howard should stay home and take care of the kids They forgive each other.