The boys come from the retirement ceremony of a professor. He is expected to go insane. They go to look over the professor's empty office but Barry is already in the process of taking measurements. Sheldon immediately picks a fight with him. Then the professor comes into the office naked and fetches his hat.

Amy knocks at Penny's and brings a gift. A huge portrait of the two of them. Penny is shocked, but does not like to offend Amy. Amy urges her to hang it.

Sheldon and Barry pursue President Siebert into the toilet. They want to clarify who owns the office. But President Siebert does not care who gets the office; the two of them should figure it out themselves.

Penny shows Bernadette her new picture. She finds it terribly ugly. They decide that the image has to go.

Raj and Howard are in the apartment. Raj shows his latest internet purchase -- a Harry Potter magic wand, which is, however, no more than a small branch. Barry comes along and starts a new discussion with Sheldon regarding the office. Sheldon suggests deciding it with 'Rock, Scissors, Paper, Lizard, Spock'. But Raj has a better idea. They should compete in something in which they are both equally bad. They both suck at one thing: Sport.

In the gym Sheldon and Barry will now play basketball. Whoever makes the first basket gets the office. Howard, Raj and Leonard watch how they both run after the ball. Leonard makes it easier for them and suggests that they just throw baskets. But even that does not work for both. For brevity, Leonard suggests bouncing the ball Whoever's ball bounces higher has won. And indeed, Sheldon manages to win the office.

Amy, Penny and Bernadette are watching a movie. After Bernadette and Amy say goodbye, Penny hangs the photo. But when Amy comes in again, she is shocked when she sees the hung picture. She takes the picture with her again.

Sheldon enters his new office. When he closes the door, his predecessor appears behind the door, naked again.

Penny wants to apologize to Amy. But Amy is offended; after all, the picture was expensive and cost 3000 dollars. To escape this issue, Penny tells Amy that Bernadette would be jealous because she had none with Amy. She is reconciled and goes with Penny to hang the picture back.

Sheldon tries to seal off the ventilation of his office. The cold air flows unrestrained into his office. Unfortunately, Sheldon cannot regulate the temperature in his office by himself. In addition, a mockingbird sings regularly in front of his window, bothering Sheldon. He freaks out and grumbles about everything and everyone.

Amy and Penny have hung the picture again. Amy confesses that originally they had both been painted naked but then the painter added clothes. Penny is a little upset.

Leonard surprises Sheldon in his office. He is stuck with his head in the wall. He shows that he is in the hole and no longer comes out. He asks Leonard to bring him some butter. Leonard quickly takes a photo before he leaves.