Mamis Liebling

Sheldon and Leonard are sitting in the apartment and chatting with Sheldon's mother, who is spending the weekend with her son. She tells them of a booked cruise, which is characterized as extremely religious.

Sheldon has already made plans for the weekend. It will start with a delicious chicken for dinner, which his mother will prepare. But she would rather go to a restaurant and so Sheldon and Leonard go out with her.

In a sushi restaurant she inquires about Sheldon and Amy. But Leonard also cannot say anything about the relationship. When she asks Leonard about Priya, he tells her that her parents are not enthusiastic about him. As they return home, they meet Raj, who is getting drunk off a six-pack, in front of the flat. Sheldon's mother immediately tries to get to the bottom of his problem. Raj complains that he feels lonely and allows her to comfort him.

As Sheldon does the laundry with his mother, they meet Penny. She asks how Penny is doing and suspects Penny's clothing is the reason she cannot find a steady boyfriend.

They are all sitting together in the apartment eating. Sheldon tells his mother about the plans for the next day. He would like to go to a science lecture with her. But his mother would rather go sightseeing. The others are happy to take her on a tour through L.A., but Sheldon is mad.

Sheldon apologizes to his mother at breakfast. But she would still like to explore the city. The two of them get into an argument.

Finally Sheldon goes with Amy to the presentation. But even then he is still angry. Amy tries to explain to him, that it is because of his troubled mother-son relationship.

As the group stops at a church, Mrs Cooper urges the others to make a short prayer. One after the other, they give short words of thanks to God. Each thanks has its own message.

Sheldon is sitting on a bench in the dark. When a man sits down next to him, Sheldon starts to philosophize. The man sits a bit further away from him. Then it also starts to rain.

He comes back to the flat soaking wet. Because of it, he has caught a cold and his mother comes to help and take care of him. She tucks him into bed and rubs his chest. Sheldon wants her to sing the soft kitty song to him.